Monday, August 31, 2015

This September

This beautiful and subtle September,
the flowers of mid-summer,
admired by many, many lovers,
some yet to blossom and some flourishing,
are slowly growing older by the sun-light
 Of this coming September.

The tweeting sounds of lively birds,
deep down that thickened woodlands,
becoming thinner by the ending day,
Shows the end of this long summer-break.

 Every hysterical minds calling this big September,
full in full, side by side, come this September,
I'll gonna ensemble Great man's day event,
To forget all that hell glimpses.

This September come with so tariff, challenging,
of time, speciality and rareness all entangled,
uncertainty of hope makes hesitation grow full and full.
to understand the life harshness and delightful,
 with dubious feelings, so is This September.

On set of this September, romance and in rift,
the lovely heart must answer the needed call,
feelings and emotions,
Never to blinded again, This September,

Many, many and countless similar September,
comes and goes,
But, never of 'This September' kinds, 
never to unfazed any humanity, 
even never to shove someone minds deep,
'This September'.

The solitude this onset September,
is gonna bit and piece different,
gonna be like snippet in this,
techno-logic scene,
But, this September would,
remain long Historic excursion...  

And I Welcome with my heart open,
'This Big September'!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Big Talk!

Bhutan-China border talks held, Aug 24, 2015

I am absolutely surprised to see what is 'Bhutan and China bordering talks' all about again and again. What's still going in-between Bhutan - China boundary? What is the real progress made for the border talk? Who is benefiting with all of this talk? When will this going to end and for how long will this continue otherwise it's time to settle?

So, if it do not bring some positive conclusion then what's the purpose of having a high level meeting one after another? What is still pending?  ''Isn't it a tensing situation for two nations''?

I was more shocked to see when the highlight was yet again on the next and higher level of country's meeting, '23rd round of boundary talks between Bhutan - China'. Their delegation comprises of eleven-members led by foreign affairs 'vice' minister, Liu Zhenmin.  

What's this whole mean to two nations? Why foreign affairs 'vice' minister and why not 'full' foreign affairs minister for this highest level of country's meeting?

The boundary talks started with China since 1984. It's almost more than three decade and why is this prolonging to this level? It's other-way hampering country's 'tourism industry, peace, harmony, economic aspects and so on'. Perhaps, it's high time to check and balance the disputes. 

It's stated that the boundary negotiations between Bhutan-China are guided by certain principles agreed in 1988. The agreement on the up-keeping of peace and harmony between Bhutan-China border areas was signed in 1998 but who knows anything may happen in-between if it goes beyond this, we need to remain focused and directional.

What'd happened and the progress of all high-level and high profile meetings till date? The meetings held were not just for once or twice, it's now rounding up to '23rd' and for how long would this prolonged again?

What if the conclusion is made based on the agreed core laws rather than calling for high-level meeting again and again? It would be wise if the border dispute is margin or fixed based up on the 'guided lines' rather than creating some un-known mis-understanding between two nations.

Unsure of the fact, now it's high time for Bhutan to make a bright decision by upholding high level brains. I think there would be bits of written country's boundary line and deal with it. It's time to search all the possible means to solve this unsolved problem for so long. Otherwise, this would create next havoc for our new generations.

Where are our wise and high profile country's men and women during needs? This is the only time to look forward and solve this 'big Jig-saw puzzle'. "Or time to dig out every possible history on boundary or create the oldest Google store else Bhutan might missed the chance".

Monday, August 24, 2015

My Story

Like most people. I've encountered my own share of difficulties in the veg world. I've learnt a kind of regimen that is deeply rooted in my heart far and beyond.

As a boy and having learnt bits of Buddhist beliefs inside the classroom, I've realized that eating of meat is a complete sinful act and against the law of Buddhism. So, with all of these I became vegetarian but greatly lost the path owing to some reasons.

But anyway, in-between '2009 to 2013' I'd a good chance to be outside the sinful cycle. But, having undergone so many difficulties at home and around the social culture I finally had to quit the veg world. Of course, Buddhism is so much against this practice yet I couldn't escape this truth.

The main problem was when I was with my family members and moreover the home menu ends-up in non-veg. Although the big idea of becoming veg is great but at times we face so much of difficult situations to manage when eighty per cent of the home dishes are covered with meats. And moreover the person working inside the kitchen faces yet another hard times preparing different curries just for one or two person. So, having seen and experienced so much of family inconveniences I’ve quitted the idea of my vegetarian world.

The next challenges was - my parents being so much concern about me and my health, they did not like my idea of becoming vegetarian. As from the very ancient time till today there is a kind of traditional and hierarchical beliefs behind eating of meats. Since, they believe so much on meat being the primary source of energy in the body – it's like if someone does not take meats they’re most likely to be catch by pools of diseases and even die with scarce protein level in the body and same was well formulated to me by my parents. Therefore, having known their feelings I’ve put a break to veg world.       

But, having born to this land and having a deep sense of culture and tradition of humanism I've learnt buckets and buckets of wisdom. So, during the course of my vegetable world I've faced numerous hitches but still I'm proud to be with the every happening.

Nevertheless, now I'm happy with my decision, even I made my parents, friends and relatives happy by turning back to non-veg world, because we believe so much in 'flesh and bone'.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slaughter House Vs Being Vegetarian ---II

Can it be wise to state that life is only in 'flesh and bones' recipe? If it's not true, then let’s be vegetarian. Since, there are so many prominent living examples today. Who lived their life without even depending on this recipe? Still they're living a life. Isn’t it true?

There're many research based approach of understanding healthy life by being vegetarian. Plus many researches pointed out that, the amount of proteins or energy booster present is significantly more and better in vegetables than in meats.

So, do we like simply growing healthier by consuming more complex protein that comes from the meat or simple and digestible proteins form vegetables? In a way we're worsening our own immune system by putting ourselves into difficult situations.  

Do you still bear the heart to continue eating of 'flesh and bones'? Do you still bear the pain of animals or Death penalty animals has to undergo? Do you still say you're a true Buddhist or the true son of this land?

Then, there are not better points than this to put a stop to eating of 'flesh and bones'. There are so many other courses of better healthy habits than just into eating of meats. It is also proven that the protein that one gets from vegetables is hundredth times better and cleaner than any other source of proteins/energy.   

Perhaps, by becoming veg we're cutting-down so many harsh diseases that one incur from eating of meats. The way is open for anyone wishing to put a stop to non-veg diet and begin a healthy course of living a life.

In the process of consuming different meats, we're putting ourselves into more complex situations rather than becoming healthy. Of course, we get so much of proteins from the meat we consume. But, as proven the proteins that comes from is so complex that further weaken the system rather than improving better life.  The protein that comes from animals takes more time to convert into usable energy and back into proteins. In fact, it's so complicated to break down the packets of proteins that come along with meat into digestible energy.  

Do you still believe in being non-veg is healthier than someone with veg-diet, the choices is still open and yours?

Why these days we're experiencing complicated diseases? It’s simply the cycle is on from other animals carrying a multi-part diseases. Who know some of the diseases we get today would be the diseases of animals that come while eating as energy sources. Since, we became too dependent on 'flesh and bones'. Isn’t it true?   

The minute we hear someone talking about saving life we hardly think of actual suffering of the animal, so is the case we think of becoming a vegetarian.  Then there is no point of life in us. There is no point to share we are the true Buddhist. There is no point to inform that we save life, we work for other, and we have more compassion and feelings for other beings. It's all into waste if we still go on with is habits. 

If you want to become healthy and overweight then choose a path of predatory. But, if you indeed wanted to become healthier, stronger and disease free life then, choose a middle path by becoming herbivorous.

The core energy booster is not far it’s just near and even not so expensive. We just need to choose it wisely and seize into daily recipe over 'flesh and bones' that make life better over millions of contaminated energy. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Slaughter House Vs Being Vegetarian ---I

Isn't it so funny if truly Buddhist country demands to have slaughter house in place or hate the idea of becoming vegetarian? As far as Buddhism is concern and known the view as I see is something absurd and unreasonable. 

The very purpose of Buddhism is defeated or crushed if Bhutan by chance comes up with the idea of installing slaughter house in the country, near to the disposal or easy source. Then, we do not need any greatest discoveries to come under limelight literally by more 'flesh and bone' business.

The hardest term as I could see and experience is the suffering for 'Death or Death penalty or trying to escape the reality of Death'. When no one likes the ultimate realm of dying or fears to die why is we still consume and feed on blood, bones and the flesh of other beings which is very much same as human beings.

When human fears from Death so much, then why is there no exception for other animals that also fears Death penalty as much as human-beings. Otherwise, they have right to freedom of Death; they'd be well protected with utmost laws? Then the purpose of slaughter house and slaughtering of animals should be offhand or should not be the concept.  But, do we really like the concept of turning ourselves to vegetarian? Do we really support the idea if someone walk up to us and talk something on becoming vegetarian?

Although, Bhutan being one of the highest profile countries in saving of life by not consuming any of the flesh and bones but the present scenario is just opposite of what one thinks-off. Plus, despite of many encounters and advocating yet rush in the meat junction is more alarming now a day. Then, are we doing justice to our animals which have also soul like ours, who also wanted peaceful Death and all, worry free life.

So, shall we proudly uplift the hand saying that we're still living in one of the original Buddhist country or being father of Bhutan and being the savior for many beings?

Thus, simply by coming-up with many outsources for meat junction or slaughter house, are we not going against the laws of Buddhism?

Nevertheless, just by simply banning the issuing of meat shop licence; in a way we're saving millions of life. On the other hand even one person quitting or put a stop to eating of flesh and bones can save millions of life. 

Then, why can’t we give a try by stopping eating of meat for a moment, for a day, for a week, for a month, for a year and so and finally putting a stop.  If the case is done then shall we declare job well done for the cost of saving millions of living-beings. 

                     ---to be continued...

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Phone And The Sex

The material beauty and the charm of living a life these days has become so insane, complicated and ridicule. Although, nothing could really define the processing of this present human-circle than this but the reality is simply disturbing, rattling and unsettling.

One's private life had really no longer seemed private because of all existent advancement into technological aspects. And nothing could really replace this curl human mind than this rather into more complex and poisoned.  

I'm trying to highlight on the 'sex clips' that are being pooled out viral on mobile voice messaging app called 'WeChat' recently.

Where in the world of Buddhist country is this secret and the compassionate mind of our people has gone today? Is it that the advancement of the world had driven them too far than ever? We talk so much about serving and saving other but where we humbly stand to this statement?

This had totally hunted my mind and the minds of thousands. So, this particular move had made me think of different situations about the actions of our dear people today.

However, passing that close or so private video clips to any circle of friends and colleagues through different services, what did that person gain in turn so much and so different?  What does everyone catch out of it? What's the point that hidden person trying to convey through that message? Is it someone trying to un-fold the hidden secret or trying to pour back the hatred just by sharing private happening in public?

So, stepping into somebody's secluded life in this way is honestly an illegal act. Whoever had done this is totally inhumane. Just by making someone's private life public what was the gain? Who knows at this era - the next moment it could be your family members and at that point what would be the public view and so does the self? Nevertheless, pain becomes pain until things befall on us. We ne'er realize the pain of other being Bhutanese.

When private matters that should endure private are made public, it would unquestionably bring so much of ineffable pain and shame to individuals making their survival difficult in society.

We've many, many country's protocols for sexual contents distributors, but it seemed that they're not so working well in place. I could see the laws are not being put in place when things go wrong. It is seemingly becoming a talk and merely a written text without serving the purpose when in need else the law must fix this act.  So, with this I could sense and foreseen the future to have more severe laws against anyone for sharing or passing sex clips or contents.

This type of common actions can be curved to lesser extent only when all of us work together, let's try to put a stop to it. What we all need is to be careful and watchful with open mind and the eye. Moreover, if anyone is found mete out videos of private nature, report it to the police. It'll cost nothing but route it to great help to the land.

Perhaps, all we needed is to be cooperative and the serving heart amongst ourselves else the future of Bhutan is gone and erstwhile there are many chances of losing self-identity to heartless people around.  

Let’s say 'No to sex in the phone and the Camera' even it is for personal use.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Dear Alcohol And The Policy Makers -The Two Killers


'Alcohol' globally is a common problem or issues address in any forum yet nothing could be done so much and so far on this and no exception for small and pristine Himalayan Kingdom – Bhutan.

Having said this, Bhutan usually drops life every hour from alcohol-related diseases.  Ever since alcohol came to an existence life begun to decline so much. 

At times, I believe so much on 'carrying capacity of the Earth' that needed to be balanced but is it only through this culture or the ways to turn-over? Of course, the answer is both 'Yes and No'.

But, back to individual family is a huge lost that would incur many, many sad story of lost life, lost love and lost parents.

For a country where alcohol comes or manufacturers are getting a huge sum but of lost soul, lost faith, lost love and the lost happiness.

Nevertheless, learning so much fact, realities and the effects on it, why are our people still not get out of it and why are they still care-free? Is it drinking a Bhutanese culture without which we cannot ascertain life happenings or be a Bhutanese?

Is it that drinking will only make rational, sociable human circle or is it that alcohol is drinkable in every occasion or else what is so much deep, testiest and exquisite substances present in this drinks or is it the implementation of Laws not on right hands or individual not caring for life?

"A health ministry’s policy brief on alcohol control in urban Bhutan points out that, while Bhutan's laws and policies can control alcohol access and availability, the enforcement of these laws has been neglected for so long that the intentions of these laws have not translated into social benefits".                                                                              'Source:, dated Aug, 14, 2015 by Sonam Pelden'.

To this fact, Bhutan had lost countless lives by neglecting to enforce the set 'rules and regulation', some of which have been in place for over a decade but without anyone's caring it, so which why Bhutan a unique nation.

In a way any kinds of Alcohol drinks is available at any shops which makes our Youth go into it without the denying facts. The Laws are just inside the lost book, just spelled out during the time of framing and left un-attended thereafter. 

What if we can make Laws like that of banning of 'All Tobacco and its products'?

Like we say 'Bhutanese are good in framing but worst in implementing' is something really needed to be focused and a very fact that are just in front of us. Else there is no point framing so much of rules and regulations wasting so much of money besides so much of financial problems.

Even, the policy ephemeral pointed out last standing records with the National Statistics Bureau, which show that "the economic burden of alcohol in Bhutan amounted to Nu 5 billion in 2014, four times higher than the Nu 1 billion it earned in economic returns". Which worry even more for the coming year?

Moreover, I could see so many of our youth already into the culture of drinking and with this how far would this country withstand its economy is simply in 'big question mark'? 

So, where do we stand in consuming alcohol? ...into this we needed wise Youth and many great 'Think-Tank rather than 'Drink-Tank' so to cut the economy crisis and to bind happy family circle ever.

The Other Side Of The Life ---III

It was almost noon when his new friend 'shopkeeper' reached at his place to attend the house rite.

"I made my way out of shack, lost in thoughts. I've come from the Woodland village, simply to attend this program," stated the shopkeeper in inquisitive tone.

By the time he reached, the program was in full hand and he was little confused on how to proceed upon. However, the old man's hospitality and warmth made him cosy, happy and homely.

Besides old man, he also got to interact with so many new faces or people of different works of life or simply grounds which he ne'er had before made him feel more happy.

The rite was all in full move.  The crowd was so engrossed into and finally around dusk time the rite got over with everyone coming together into final prayers. So, this prayers made him feel satisfied and he could realized that unlike diverse culture, believes and tradition everyone are the same but in different clothes.

Even the very gathering made him feel upright, humane and being helpful is only the ultimate goal and the total survival of life, plus nothing could over-do the best and the kinder heart.

Having learnt so much of good living, nature of more humble mankind and the changed mind-set perhaps he also wanted to have one such rite. So, then and there he'd fixed the date with the rite holder and he also had warmly invited everyone present at his 'house rite three days late'.

The right next day, the lost/missing cow was back home with same health made him so happy.  Plus, the son who had gone missing for last 'twelve years' came back home much content made him extremely happy. The joy of getting back his son and his aged cow made him richer than the real wealth a man possessed.

Finally, the poor man attended the house rite of that greedy shopkeeper in turn. However, in a way he taught him how to survive hard life and to overcome life's difficult circumstances, even though he just had survived with few luxurious lives. 

                                                                                                        Theme: 'Being Kind and positive'...

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Other Side Of The Life -- II

On many curl of his fate, he'd finally grown wiser and richer. So, many good things had happened after his cow disappeared into the jungle, nowhere to be found. Now, he became completely processed man.

Standing alone at the dingy corner of his poorly built house, he thought to have house rites, to withstand his lost cow and to add some more good fortune.  As he'd seen his astute and better-off neighbours performing but un-known of the actual facts he wanted to have one.

Since, life had kicked him several times before and he even was almost thrown out from the village during those bad situations.  

Reflecting all those times, he wanted to better his life. So, he went on possession of someone who knows about the rites in nearby village and luckily found one. He had fixed the date and time for the house rites. After that he proceeded to buy the items required and almost past mid-day he reached to the nearest shop in the village.

The shopkeeper was so shocked upon seeing that changed poor man in a neat uniformed. After resting for some-time, he started to spell out the items to the shopkeeper. But shopkeeper being so clever, he'd tamed that old man overly on so many cleaver calculations and even mis-treated him while giving mustard-oil for a penny. That shopkeeper even back-fired him on how much oil should he give him for the penny?

So upon that question, old man said 'give me any aggregate of oil worth that money'. However, to satisfy and balance the amount the shopkeeper gave him just few cuffs of oil drops from the back side of his ladle.

Being that was the last items he started to pack all his items since he sensed the dusk is un-folding soon after.  

He started his back journey as soon as he'd completed his work. He was little worried on whether he can reach home safely on time or not. Besides this the conversation triggered him over and again. 'His penny and the oil', he thought.  

But very soon after the departure of that old man, 'the shop started to functions loosely, immediately decelerated the sales and even some of the items turned into functioned-less'. So, unsure of the causes and the effect, the shopkeeper instantly thought about the day's particulars and the deeds onto the poor old man.

He quickly rushed to that old man and begged for forgiveness but unknown of the fact that old man denied the request. Upon several request the man agreed and accepted the request but not so decisively.  

The shopkeeper wanted him to get back as he wanted to offer him the full aggregate of oil that he can get in a penny. Man denied the fact and persisted aghast for some moment affirming that it's all fine for him.

On several request and explanation of what had happened to his shop. The old man finally accepted and returned back to the shop.

So, this time the shopkeeper offered him the right amount of the oil a penny worth. After that and before he'd left for home, the old man shared shopkeeper about the small house rites he'd planned the next day at his place and even he invited the shopkeeper for his house rites. 

                                                                                              be continued...     

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Rarest Collection

His Majesty, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck was an incarnate embodiment of cultural uniqueness and the greatest source of political, spiritual and secular rightfulness. He worked determinedly and gallantly to re-assert Bhutan's independence and sovereignty, with rare qualities that present society no longer finds in its leaders.

Throughout his reign, His Majesty had foregone his personal comforts for his citizen's goodness and the benefit. His Majesty also acted so well for not only for the benefit of the Bhutanese people, but also for the entire world so selflessly.

When abdicating in favor of the Crown Prince, His Majesty handed over to the Bhutanese people the more affluent, free, sovereign, peaceful and democratic Bhutan. He'd done what he'd promised to the people safely. That was why His Majesty's untimely retirement became a rare history for the people of Bhutan and perhaps, even for the entire world.

Within a small Himalayan Kingdom of over few lakhs people in hands, His Majesty is deeply honoured as one of the rarest incarnation by every citizen. For his altruistic services and numerous accomplishments, he occupies a space in every Bhutanese heart and everyone cherish his reign as the 'Golden Time' in the history of modern Bhutan. 

So to revere and remember, His Majesty's sixtieth Birth Anniversary I personally would like to 'Thank His Majesty' for his kind and considerate good heart for his entire people of Bhutan throughout his reign. 

                                                            '...Thank You and Thank You, Your Majesty...'

The Rare Collection on His Majesty -K4

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Deadlock dated August 7, 2015 - brought yet another deadlock that is ramping in the country recently.  

I am unsure and confused on what to say and write in this but many thoughts rolled up as soon as I came across this headline- 'Teenager and grandmother murdered'. 

So, in this facade of worldly existence it is becoming so challenging to save our own life or lives.

Is it what the scoundrel looking forward for simply killing that 60-years old grandmother and 16-years old school boy or looking for the wealth that she possessed till that old age?

If the case is genuine to slit-off their throats in the possession of wealth then the miscreants must be punished and needed to screw with the best of country's law otherwise these kinds of division would top the list.

I am sure that the other side of this story would ends up with 'wealth takes own life or lives'. If those miscreants are not after the possession of wealth then there is no point going against those innocent lives or for what they are mulling after those guiltless lives?

The scenario in our country is worsening day by day and with this trend I am not sure to call for better future of Bhutan. Is it that twenty-first century is ruling every does and don'ts of the land or the people. Or is it that every mind is after wealth then there was no point of going against those two lives.  

If the case runs in this pace then country must be prepared to have individual guard for individual live but how? The country should have proper strategies on how to handle rude minds, rules in place and man’s at work.

If this is what Buddhist country for or looking into close views then the future of the country is gone. Then we do not need any other people to make unique story of this era…

With this new ramping case now it’s high time for every one of us to think wise and store any wealth into better and safer places before any big and hungry eyes sees or finds upon and takes away lives or life. Perhaps many, many so called alert messages were also present and contained in this headline. - 'Teenager and grandmother murdered'.

It’s never too late…

The Other Side Of The Life - I

He was bounded by extreme twist of fate. He lived with his only son poorly in the community but of all - what he had was his generous heart.

The man's source of happiness was his lone 'old cow'.  His son never helped him for any work. He had to do all the work by himself alone and son was never of great help to him. Nevertheless, in the name of his wealth was his cow.

Despite of his old age, he put all his effort and energy in serving his cow thinking that one day she might bring him some happiness. His days always run with little works behind his cow. He ne'er missed to take his cow to the forest but one day his cow went missing unfortunately in that cavernous forest.

He vexed all his energy to spot his cow around but couldn't found as soon it loomed into darkness. Nonetheless, with all his hopelessness he returned home helplessly and with little fury.

Upon his late arrival, his son knew about the day's incidences and became little upset. But, that was of no use for him.  So, before his son advance into more exchange, he left home over to the place and took a halt there to ascertain his lost cow.

 As he was so tired, he took sheltered under a banyan tree and felt asleep sooner than his head wedged upon some pile of hard woods. However, into his sleep he could sense some un-usual whispered. He couldn't nap either well. So, filled by some uneasiness and to calm his mind he mumbled back in tiredness, 'Oh God! I'm a poor old man, please save me for tonight'.

With this he again wanted to continue his sleep but couldn't. As again the same, same faint voice came from the distant. Now, the poor old man in tensed said. 'Oh God! I'm a poor man, I'm here since I've lost my only cow in this forest and I'm here to look upon my cow. So, please selvage me for tonight, it's all I trust you for'. Even he mentioned that in deed a very propitious cow for him and the only wealth he possessed during his entire life. 
An aloof whispered replied. 'Oh! Poor old man there is a hidden prize seven steps right before you. Go collect that and keep it as it would bring you back your cow one day. Even it brings you happiness, luxury, fortune, wealth, wishes and prayers you want in your life'.

So, by this exchange he came out-off his tiresome sleepiness. The poor man did as directed by the whisper and found a bag full of exquisite hidden treasure. Un-certain and un-sure of what to do with it, he ran home quickly and shared the incidences to his son. Upon that his son became so happy and promised to change for better son...
                                                                                           be continued...

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight.  Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn'...