Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fate Of A Teacher

How many of you genuinely dreamed to become a teacher or wanted to join in any teaching institution? So, here I submit you both education scene and teaching job.

Looking at the recent allegation for the 'NFE instructor' against the usage of corporal punishment was not so agreeable. What is really going wrong in our education system and people today? Why are our people always going against their soul maker?
Can it be possible to call teaching job a noble profession nowadays? There's a big doubt and often I believe there's falseness in it.  

Personally, I felt teaching job has become rather hectic, odium, tiresome, un-safe, un-sound and un-healthy. Perhaps, it became the place for someone to release all their frustration/anger. Shall we continue to blame at each other when someone purposefully cannot perform well and score good marks in school activities? Where actually our people wanted to dump our teachers? What integration level do our people wanted to have form education?

Today as I've seen our people had gone so corrupt to earn free money simply suing teacher in the pretext of simplest punishment our teacher’s uses to fix some genuine matters in school environment. Thus, this kind of single headed prospective of our parents is the main suffer our education faces today. 

Besides, parent I’ve seen some students from the same class blaming his or her own teacher at the end after learning so much values and assurance. Our parents and students never mind to sue their own school teachers and education section. When our people and students will understand each sacrifice, commitments, hardship and wisdom each teacher made through hardship hours. Rather, teachers are becoming a puppet and the play field of our students and parents.

When someone cannot perform well or someone cannot compete with others, our students or parents lend up grouchy feelings on syllabus being irrelevant, teacher being irresponsible, teaching not up to their level, teacher being not punctual and teacher not doing enough research on the content and so on. "Is it teachers or students or parents" who is lacking these rational?
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Perhaps, the actual reality behind is our students being so irresponsible, not punctual and obedient on any class/school activities which they're supposed to do. And tell me how they can succeed without any hardship or is it that teacher needed to study and work for students. If this happens our parents would become so happy and pleased. But, the type of future and the Youth we would have is hump-bump.

Our students are simply making a physical presence to learn. So, if any teachers or any concern authority try to fix this kinds of situations then both students and parents will dislike but what they wanted is a good marks, well-educated son/daughter, discipline and getting a job. Tell me, can it be possible to make these all single headedly?

It is high time for our law makers to look into the matters and frame a realistic and futuristic law that protects our teachers otherwise teachers would face series of grave punitive reality in future. What, if our teachers are given few rights to fix simple and required school discipline in our Youth at least with well preserve and precise laws rather than everyone eyeing for the simplest and the slimmest actions taken for betterment of future leaders. 

Honestly, what kinds of moral values and behavioural change do our parents wanted to have in their child at the end of schooling. Is it that they don't want their child with rightful education and self-existence skills?  As a citizen I've lost every hope, faith and trust to our society, the society regarded to have highest candid values and GNH minds.

Nevertheless, in the course of learning we face many defy and challenges yet we needed to proceed, needed to adjust, that is what we see in every teachers doing rightful hardship to position future generation but all in denunciation. Today, educating of Youth has become harder and riskier because both parents and students all wanted is to sue teachers. As I see life of our teachers is like a double edged sword.

Imagine a point - what and how would be your reaction when your child comes to you with little doubt? Imagine he/she did not catch as you wish, be honest and tell me how much calories of anger will you burn as a parent, brothers, sisters and the relative? We find always the other side of the land is greener and when we go there, we still find next point greener and it continues till the end. So, we say and we pass so many un-true comments without analysing the life of our teacher’s depth and we never realized their hardship. But, the doubt that your child came to you is fair of one part of millions. Just question yourself on how much anger did you release or thrown out when your child did not catch your teachings fairly few minutes before. Now think back, how much our teachers would have faced this kinds of similar and more painful setting of your child being not able to answer, your child doing most notorious actions inside the classroom, bullying some friends and negligent on any activities? Now, comprehend how much impulses and sacrifices you needed to make as a teacher? 

Of course, everyone has equal right to defend them-self, go against and justify someone but not with every un-defined reason. As a Bhutanese we ne'er look back and side-wise skilfully. We only try to check and counteract other's faults without any deny.  Did you ever circle your own fault and did you ever ask your child’s fault before acting?

Shall we keep our Youth to change by God himself or shall we put rightful tools, discipline and knowledge right from the base. I guess in school our teachers having their fair segment of work are doing extremely powerful job in putting right shares of 'values and Driglam chesum' in our Youth. Yet our biased people seemed to never understand and be satisfied with the facts behind the Life Of a Teacher. 

Let's not forget this as a parent - "If education fails, everything will fail and if education succeeds nothing will fail".


  1. It's sad but it is also true. Now mindsets of people are also changing and a term 'teacher' that used to be synonymous to 'Guru' is also getting blurred from the eyes of society. That's why I don't remember myself joining this profession.

  2. Sir, I share the same concern as you as we are eating from the same pot. I can feel the value of your words. Let us hope something different in future.

    1. Lets pray for the change and over-all appearance as a teacher or an educator..

  3. Teaching is a double-edged sword, one as a teacher gets cut either way---meaning even if you do good...there are always people with half knowledge.....and sadly our own MoE people look down on teachers.

  4. Our hardship is never being rewarded either way...people and dear students


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