Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fate Of a Teacher II

Remember: "If education fails, everything will fail and if education succeeds nothing will fail".

Reiterating this phrase, I will make a brief and decisive elucidation on the type of education system and our parent's notion towards our teacher.

Today we are in a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious and compact world. Perhaps, it’s the collective and pooled ideas of our inordinate people, viz. experts, pilot, doctors, philosophers, scientists, engineers, lawyers, politician/law makers, accountant, guard and the officers.

Where did these people or the post come from or did they come down from so called as heaven or rise-up from the abyss?

All the profession, be it expert or a simple guard, the sole author are our books, pen and the teachers. Teaching profession is much like a debugger system for human society. They find errors, they beat us, they talk harsh, they put us in difficult situations, they punish us, they questions us, they criticize us but they never fail to teach us right lessons, they never fail to love and care us that is necessary for life existence.   

So, knowingly we put back what is so essential for us to grow. We know that every comfort of life comes over the toil of education and teachers yet we never mind to questions, sue and blame them.

If engineers fail to design correct building drawings, it leads to definite collapsing of building and the uncertainty of structure is multiplied to thousand greater folds. If doctors fail to operate or prescribe wrong medicine it leads to dying of one soul and so on with other professions but look at the profession of our teacher, it looks or appears simple, less puzzling and less confusing yet their effect is enough to cost for many, many generations. If teachers fail to teach rightly without rebuff the whole nations will fail to become responsible citizens, no new discovery will take place and world will going to face series of baneful scene without the mention of education.  

Today, through the advancement of ideas we could see world in smallest piece, finest discoveries, super machines, robot and other invisible innovations. How is it possible? Well, the full acclaim goes to our teachers. Hence, their sacrifice and suffering is beyond count. Then, our teacher should be placed on the top position in human society and deserves to be called as finest human.

But, rather we find our parents simply demanding to have best performance of their child, their child into big job without any bit of support and right moral. This kind of wave has been there for so long, so deeply rooted in the heart of our parents but better would be if worked together with our teachers in educating Youth and their child.

Nonetheless, what type of education and values, types of generation we wanted to see twenty years from now utterly lies today in the hands of our school teachers and in the hands of individual parents. Let’s never say it’s enough for educating our child and Youth otherwise we will fail as a whole nation.

Rather than pointing fingers and blaming education system for not doing enough justice, what if individual parents come forth, work equally and shoulder some heart changing roles like our teacher for the right education of our child and our Youth.

I feel nostalgic, looking at the life of each teacher, as if that they have done something wrong dreadfully in their whole life. I cannot easily stand and shake their feeling of dread which they are supposed to be the dynamite in the society.  

They teach the world, they teach every essential skill for life. So, shall we demand separate democracy for their right, for our school teachers? Shall we?


  1. Sir I join with you in demanding separate democratic right for poor teachers.

  2. I am of the notion that, we should have a separate body governing teachers, like the unions in India... Otherwise, it's painfully bleak for the teachers of Bhutan. Although, noble and holy......come on give me a break....nobody thinks and considers us the revered figure anymore......what a bad disgrace......if I had a greener opportunity waiting, I would willingly graze......instead of the teachership that I am painfully undergoing....


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