Friday, September 18, 2015

Thieves Of Time!

Well, time is something very abstract quantity, where nobody has power to buy and sell it. But, everyone can use it in their own ways. It is also an intuitive phenomenon yet difficult to cope with it if it’s used carelessly; it'll never become an obsolete matter rather it has power to grasp one’s goals.

Thus, time management is nothing but a self-discipline, urgency concept and assertiveness. Time is a very unique phenomenon and it waits for none. Therefore, to be successful and gentle one need to effectively use time otherwise, success would be next to impossible, be it small or big, high or low. 

Directly or indirectly time management is basically self-management or disciplining oneself. So, many a times we knowingly do not use time properly and lend up into big trouble and later we realize the value only when something goes wrong. The usage of time is an important component to lead a quality life. The issues like visualizing, planning, organizing and controlling can only be possible through the effective practice of time else it can easily steal every possession. 

Possibly, our great personality would have excelled only through the effective use of time. Those who prepares early would certainly plan every work better and more organize ways than late. With the usage of time effectively one can ensure healthy habits, systematic working environment and things in order.

As, I relate my self-existence and the type of job I'm into requires full time denomination. Therefore, to be specific and particular I needed to work and organize time well. For, this what I usually do is going to workplace ten - fifteen minutes early myself to prepare mentally for the day's activity. Simply going little before to work place can definitely calm one's mind and bring quality work.

Moreover, the only way to win over time is by working and managing it well. There're many positive aspects of life if one can use time effectively, one gets full satisfaction of work, timely achievement of success and greater win win situations. There is always greater charm of controlling time rather than time controlling one's life.
Therefore, the major thieves of times in twenty-first century as I could see are as follows;
i.                  Social media called face-booking
ii.                 Telephone interruption
iii.                Lengthy socializing
iv.                Procrastination
v.                 Unclear objectives
vi.                Failure to set proper priority
vii.               Lack of self-discipline
viii.             Attempting to do many works at once

Therefore, if some wanted to have better, organized, well planned and systematic life one need to reverse all the points listed above. 


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