Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Schools Concept

What is a central and autonomous school? It is exactly a new concept that we're adopting to change or to streamline our education system. But, still there is so much of confusion arising when things do not become clear.

At this time we needed some clarification on how to go on with the new reforms, how to handle overall teaching-learning section, some unique changes in this concepts, framework of policy. Since, the introduction was now amounting to almost one year and we still could see the same futuristic aspect in the sector.

So, with the introduction of 'central and autonomous' schools in the country there came buckets of challenges to function at its best, producing best of best result and should be a role model school and best learning center for every child. But, how far is the concern taken down or broadened from the top level to address this issue.

If one expects 'central and autonomous schools' to be called as the best education center or look up as an example, then there're many things to be considered and many issues need to be ironed out else it’ll remain the same.

Just updating through some of the national news channels I came to know that there was series of discussion being going on regarding central and autonomous schools on how to improve the performances with education ministry. But, my concern is that when this new reforms will going to start or it is just for the happening or are we waiting for next year to implement the policy. Then, we're entering into 'Dooms Day' for a new change. 

Over, every change there should be some exception of change in rules based on its need. And there are no denying facts for central and autonomous school. If there isn't any change then we cannot say a change. There should be certain option given to the authority dealing immediately with the schools, either to respective school principals or to Dzongkhag education office, if anyone wanted to experience the change and feel betterment in education field.

The series of discussion has taken place to have a strong administrative unit in schools, identify and empower non-performing principals, discourage frequent transfer of principals and retaining good teachers. But, how effective it would appear when it comes to implementing the policy. What if the policy is looked upon or based on immediate change?
What has done so far to retain teachers who performed well, who put heart and soul in shaping the life of our youth, who had sacrificed millions thoughts and worked so hard for molding and taming of shrewd heart, what precept had taken by our concern authority on this long issues?

I felt that the present curriculum framework is so vast and too rigid for our education section. It needed to be developed according to the needs of the schools otherwise it would result no change in school performance and education system whatsoever is the newer changes that ministry brings in.   

  • Our assessment is completely focused on academic unlike schools in other countries which have balanced focus.
  • Principal and teacher motivation mechanism should be in place through certain incentives or rewards.
  • Keeping teachers within the campus for better care of students was seen important as most of the teachers in boarding schools live outside the campus.
  • Need for shifting from academic to wholesome education is felt necessary to bring major changes and improving pay packages for central school teachers were some of the issues needed to be addressed with the changes.

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