Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Brain behind Jangsa Animal Saving Trust - I

'Saving Of Life' - the big idea came from this big brain and the big heart. 
Simply by saving the life of an animal's way into darkest realm of life cycle is the only way to feel one's pain and suffering back due dying option. 
Thus, this brain stands so firm and rescues the life hardest or the life toughest or scariest path called 'Death'.

This non-profitable organization is working so hard in creating awareness on ‘Jangsa Animal Saving Trust’ for saving the life of animals across the country. 
This organization teaches us a path of 'compassion and kindnesses one should have behind any animals' sorrows, sufferings, trivial and the pains.

Let's be Vegetarian and save the life of our animals that becomes our daily delicious curry. 
Let us try and substitute 'flesh and bone' with fresh vegetables that would further enhance and boost our daily diet, growth in more natural ways than one.
Let us think of the sufferings one undergoes for Dying. 
Let us try and save animals as far as possible because it is 100% like any of us.

'Thumbs up for this organization'.


  1. Above all we must respect every sentient beings of this world because we have equal rights to occupy this planet. And by the way I am pure vegetarian sir.

  2. That is greatest news sir geeeeeee...


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