Monday, October 5, 2015

Dangkhar Community Lodge

Zhemgang, to most people appears to be unknown and one of the most under-developed Dzongkhag in Bhutan, but if one pay a visit and see around one would undeniably find so many beautiful and un-touched souvenirs.

Although, Zhemgang is being considered as one of the remote place yet it has its own uniqueness in culture and tradition. It is culturally preserved and traditionally rich in every aspect.

Once if you are in Zhemgang you would indeed texture better and purer air, fresh water with high mineral content, unique landscape and the serene and a composed nature with rich diverse animals and plants.

Perhaps, this is particularly 'a best' Zhemgang can offer to anyone who feels like to experience the differences that no other land can offer.  

Note: Anyone can book this well preserved, traditional lodge that belongs to Dangkhar Community; it's approximately 2.0 km away from Zhemgang Town.

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  1. Zhemgang may be materially poor but rich in fauna and flora. I am quite sure that 72% forest coverage of Bhutan can be due to Zhemgang being unexplored and under-developed. Now gradually it's opening its eyes. Coming up of such lodge can be a sign. Thanks

  2. Materialistically Zhemganggpas are poor but they are socially, emotionally and intellectually rich.

  3. Sure, and we all are doing together with one goal to the end...lets hope for the best la...thanks


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