Friday, October 2, 2015

Digital Confusion

It seems to me that these two worlds of mine represents extreme in many ways, 'extreme individualism and preservation of extreme societal norms'.

So, I belong to extreme individualism of social networking era and my parents sphere to other side of extreme societal norms and culture. The world has changed so much and so fast because of many smart minds but to more and more confusion.

In the midst of changing, my parents have seen both the world so clearly, sometime they narrate me some of the uniqueness they've during their times and some rapid changes ensued today into unbelievable level.   
Honestly, my parents know very less of modern world – mobile phone, computer, robot etc, etc. Since, during their times there isn't any digital facilities like today because of which they know very, very less of it yet they feels satisfied and contented with the life. They know only on how to make a call that too through looking at some inbuilt picture set against the name.

The usage of mobile phone and being in digital world is what I finds the most waste of time and resources. It brings so many mixed reactions, feelings, put into a lower bracket income but necessity is a very unavoidable scene that is putting us into pressure.

I feel my parent's time was far better and prudent since digital items today has created unnecessary commotion and junk in the family, husband and wife, friends and bosses. My parent's 'black and white world' is extreme superior since they need not have to worry about the money for upcoming new gadgets, no unnecessary spending on mobile voucher and the other levied cost.

Today, because of so many technological items there isn't any peace, spare of time for family members or parents, husband and wife, child or baby, friends and society. All the time and sense is lost in the world of digits, social networking sites and others.

The clear periphery of individualism I've seen is during family gathering or social gathering, everyone into own business, lost and futile world. I've seen few into serious television world, some into social networking, gaming and only very few like our parents into real social sharing. So, through this culture how can we uphold sincerity and peace in family, husband and wife? So, this is the point where divorce rates top the list, children into drug world and parents die off un-cared diseases.  

Today, I supposed to have most desirous and complicated phone and the next moment yet more urbane and complex coming in the market. So, with the change we needed to update and upgrade else we'll become bullshit. If we go along with this newer version of change we can't afford. Therefore, I've little worry on what shares of values and wealth we can pass down to younger generations. 

Today, as I see the advancement in technology is far beyond anything, simplest to most sophisticated. Now nothing can defeat the growth and substitute the usage of these items. Perhaps, today we cannot live without these items in hands and at the same time it brings so much complication in financial and relations crisis yet we cannot avoid or else there won't be any world for us, will become handicap of the time but the growth is becoming difficult and dense with the digital world, which to hold, which to look and which to concentrate. Although, we needed to change and accommodate but the survival is becoming weak, the trust in the relation is becoming very fragile, delicate and at risk.

My mother's black and white phone is distant better, cheaper, wiser, comfortable and cost cutting one. Is it possible for my parents to gift with new touch screen mobile phone over that decent black and white phone or shall I quite on the idea? But, the question is do they really know how to make a call and use its latest apps?

What appeals to me most strongly about my parent's time is that their daily life is more peaceful and healthier. The feelings of insecurity and belongingness wasn't there, the values and trust for each other is so much intact for ages but had lost its essences too far than ever nowadays.

But, it is also better in some ways, it is faster, cheaper and safer mode of reaching some important and necessary messages without having much travel that needed to reach within few hours.  I see advantages of these latest technological items if used responsibly and lawfully. It has changed the level of thinking to more negative and mistrust utterly there come so much impatient, aggressive, cynical, ironic smiles and beams from each other.

At this time even if we act least bothered it's not going to work and both the way is not enough. I've big stake in this yet it is unavoidable weapons in twenty first century

My only last hope is to catch hold of a decent mobile phone that can just give me the right services for calling and messaging during needs. I'll wait and see what it will bring and it has to offer me rightly and justly. Perhaps, mobile phones which do not have any net supporting apps and not even the games.
'How is my new idea on black and white phone'?

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  1. I am an individual who prefer simplicity over complexity. The cell phone that I carry is just for text and calls..... A pad for blogging and and a laptop for other things......but one thing I accept is...we need to change...for the good....I taught my mom how to make calls and use's heartening all the way


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