Monday, October 19, 2015

Fate Of a Teacher III

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We feel so proud to say 'a highly qualified GNH bound country, have high level empathy and compassionate minds'. But, honestly how many would have felt repentant when the news headline is on 'allegation for teachers or teacher fined and jailed for using some punishments'.
Teachers are not like God, not a supernatural being who can bring all surprises within and turn over miracles. Teachers try hard, check all the best possible ways and then educate and nurture raw minds yet we see many dissatisfaction's and the feeling of anarchy is in fact ruining the working heart of our teachers across the country.

Why everybody is snubbing to invest in education? The laws being not so straighten and not being put into use rightly, more profound and more content, when the education is felt necessary, education is in fact more than the double salts.  

Everyone talks so hard, so much on education, felt prominence but why can't our people come forth and support the idea of education reforms. Why there isn't a mind of lets work together for our own child and the country's future?

Day by day the values and the trust for teachers and education are mounting low, the rules being diluted and education section being side-lined. So, with this how can we expect better quality education and life ahead?

Of course, once the child is inside the school campus it is in the hands or in the care of teachers but it is not always easy to handle human with different nature and behaviours. Perhaps, there'll be many who won't obey or follow school policy or rules and regulations, in order to put them into right path concern authority needed to use lawful punishments. And this is the point our inhumane parents bark without knowing the real estate but they wanted their child well educated, holistically developed and disciplined one. What if our teachers turn blind eye to every wrong doing at the peak of learning right things? Is it that our parents don't want to see their child a better person?

Meanwhile, our parents needed to know whatever the punishment or decision taken by concern authority is done with true evidences and lawfully based on country's law, school policy, irrespective of background and the genders. 

The laws which govern our teachers have become so weak, are in fact the main gateway that is irreparably damaging the status of our teachers. Perhaps, the human minds towards education have reached to a very difficult and complex point, risky even to say 'I am a teacher'.  

So, if education scenario continues in same drift, it is right time for our teachers to close their doors bolted otherwise survival is at highest rift.

Thus, if we resolve all our thinking, actions, businesses and policies wisely for investing in education purpose we'll never fails as individual, society and nation. 

Unless our notion and the mind-set change for better within one's heart, what gain is it to build a temple and finally asking for forgiveness.

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