Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chamkhar Town on Fire!

Source: Taken from His Majesty's personal Facebook page.
Yet again for the fourth time, Chamkhar town was on fire. "What do we expect worse than this, the occurrence of man-made disaster?" It is whom to put on the blame when no one cares for it responsively. And I am certain that the case will only last fugitively for few months until someone can escape the door of law. Our heartless people behave as if they are from another planet.

Till today no one was traced for the cause, the culprit was still at large and no one seemed to understand the ground reality of the fire out-break? Was it an accident or planned or someone purposely did to punish some people living in the locality. If - this is surely a very cruel act, the act – beyond the punishable law.

Just imagine how someone had lost their long standing hardships and sweat into someones few minutes mistakes unto flames. This is never a GNH action! Now what had remains back of the town, - nothing more than the fire-ash, the final ruins. There it remains untouchable. This act was so venturesome yet it had happened, the act of the barbarian. But, I bet you this will never go unpunished. Just wait and see.

Chamkharpaas! You all should know that there are some people lying beneath the hell of your ass. They will always wanted to harm and pull you down. Did you know how someone have morally murdered you? I would rather suggest you all to run away from the place and start your life. That would be far better and wise.

Whatever, maybe the cause we have seen our mighty king who have had led his mission by himself to the rubble site generously was something immeasurable. I am sure - His Majesty’s immediate presence in the place would have relieved our people so much.

Although, you all might have lost all your homes and belongings in the flame yet you have never lost your King and the family. It’s time to stand and reunite again.

Nevertheless, more than you, it is time for the one who had carelessly and heartlessly burnt down your homes, the community's town into ashes to realize that the punishment be million times more lawful and severe than how some of the house had engulfed into flames. As long as this type of hide and seek game will continue to mask, this type of disaster will continue to shine in this land? Remember your ass will also get burnt very soon!

I don’t know if it is purely accidental but I am seldom otherwise be happy to watch Chamkhar town grow up once again alike. I see a clear repose that neither you nor I can control but to remain helpless watching same homes over again into flames.

"Was it an accident, even God himself is helpless".

My king, your unprecedented love for your country and people is immeasurable – beyond Einstein’s third law of motion!

My king, under your generous and visionary leadership we feel no different family, we continue to enjoy peace, harmony and tranquility.

My king, may your highest Kingship will always shine bright like sun rays – beyond the horizon of the blue sky!

However, we will never stop to pray for your continued good health and prosperous life. I often and instinctively echoed the words in my heart so much what you have once said – “I will protect you and serve you as your son and not as a King”. No angel in heaven could be more beautiful than you, my lord, my king.

May once again the seed of peace and happiness will continue to shine in the hearts of our Chamkharpaas.

Birds - II

Long-tailed shrike - from zhemgang

Long-tailed shrike - from sarpang

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Shoe Man!

Shoe Man of Phuentsholing Town
The only brave and the handsome Cobbler I have found in the heart of Phuntsholing town is this man. The man who have been doing this job for all most three decades.

I could see this job one of the most important, reliable, available and affordable jobs in the market one can always pursue beside any qualifications.

If not now – when shall we fulfill the aspiration of our Monarchs, the long-term dream of becoming independent nation?

He is on the whole a very fair and hardworking man in his late fifties, trying hard to realize the needs and the demands of our people around. I would call him a "The Golden Man!"   

But, how many of us would readily accept such job opportunity, when the demand is very high? I bet you, very few would choose to be in his place. Since, we have a very deeply rooted notion to level this job a ‘third class work or only an Indian or labor do this job’, as if all the Bhutanese are like Emiratis. As if Bhutan has all the Oil Source in their homes. As if everyone is like Bill Gates.  I call this a nonsense radical thinking!

Are we ready to take-up vocational jobs like masonry, plumbing, tailoring and cobbler which has high market demand?  
Selfie with Shoe-Man of Phuntsholing town
We knowingly leave such big opportunity slip out of our hand before even trying our skills and the ability. We always have the habits of side-lining such low-class-job which indeed earns more income and which has better future prospect than any other jobs in the market. 

Actually it need no big investment. You don’t need to book Trump’s Tower for accommodations either. It need nothing more than your endurance, grit and little hard work. We have never realized our goals of becoming independent nation by taking up such small jobs yet very fundamental. The work which you and I can do very easily.

Friend of mine once told me about his overseas experience – “He found that, the rich and the most standard people in the west are the one who take up vocational works than the one who choose to settle down in revolving chairs”. Isn’t it this amazing?  

But, the big gamble here with us is we reverse the idea. Aren't we funny and more demanding?

If we accept to take such vocational job opportunity there won't be any job crisis, we don't need to run office-after-office to hunt for a job. Until we stop our gawked-eye, our country won't stop to clear unemployment rate. Until we join our hand to take up whatever jobs available, our Government would never sleep in peace. 

Here is a simple mathematical rule, which is directly proportional to the ratio of town, community and the population and the types of vocational job opportunity lying in front of us. But, I don't assure 100/100 job employment, but it's a good opportunity.

This man have been the maker of all kinds of foot gears.  He is a man who might have brought back all the lost hopes and dreams of all shoes and the slippers. He don't know exactly how many pairs of foot gears he mend each day. However, he meet the demands of the town and he is on toe in his business very well. I called him a Shoe Doctor!

He proudly said, he start his work as early as seven o'clock in the morning to nine in the evening with one hour rest for Lunch. However, sometime he need to work even more when the demand is high. 

He laughed, he gets demand as far as LUNANA!

Nevertheless, upon asking him about how he manages to do all this long and tiring hours job. He first gave me a straight look and the wide smile. Then, he said he manages all the demands of the day by being firm and determined to do his job. He even takes some to his home. He said, he has daily home work to do during winter vacation to meet all his demand of school going children. He proudly said he don't feel burden working late and taking some home but at times when he can't meet the dateline of some of his customers even by working late, he really feels sorry. Since, he knows how it is to be outside home. 

As long as he remember, he never had any friction with any of his customers. It isn't that he is a foreigner, it is because he knows how to value and deal with his daily customers. Whatever, he do is all for the good cause of his living.

Unlike any other job in the market, you don't need to be under the hard sun and the rain. All we needed is the patience and determination. This is the easiest and the loftiest job one can always hangs on, which don't require any job application and queue for selections.

Then, why is our Bhutanese still so reluctant to take such jobs opportunity?

He said. ‘It's not always necessary to be schooled oneself’. Although, education is important and necessary but it won't always bring life to better side. Rather the most important is – how we will live our life after Education?  

While I was lost in many mixed thoughts, he was busy in his paroxysm, then he again continued more excitedly and I have remained frozen thereafter as my work is in full swing. I don't wanted to disturb him further.

And I saw him still a fully satisfied man.

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Dear ALL!

13th December – What can you say? For me, the day I hate the most, the day I never wanted to be in, the day I never wanted to remember and experience.

I called it - the doomsday for Bhutan! And I feel this is a serious national concern for the country. For a small country like ours – the night will be more expensive than 9/11 attack because our own class ten and twelve students won’t mind to rob the country after having learnt all the good values of life in the school. As, it marks the formal ending of the exams, which also marks the ends of all the academic activity nation-wide. But, in the past it was found that main victims of the night would be our teachers and their properties. Their mistake emancipate out in the form of anger and frustration to street lights and bins with black-out-kicks.

Once the exam gets over, they claim to end every proceedings of life, they will start to act as if they have won the world trophy, as if they won't be living on this soil and as if they have conquer the world in their power. They even forget their relationship with teacher, parents and government. The fact is, we even forget to buy a salt!

But, here I am not claiming to say that our education system, schools and teachers are not doing well. I finds everybody is up to the mark. However, I feel there is some misunderstanding of cultural inhabits over changing times with our young stars. With the shift in modernization everybody wanted to live, act, dress and look like Korean. They choose to use smart phones. They wanted to earn some luxurious car – like Ronaldo earns today! When they copy others culture, they personally forget to become Bhutanese - by acting so rude, on the night even the simplest one will also become the most dangerous.

It is the night 94% of our boys and girls would be sinking inside the pool of alcohol, 0.51% would abuse drugs, 0.79% wouldn’t mind to go for romantic outing, 3.9% would go out for dinner with their family, friends and loved ones and 0.80% would look out for some possible partners to spent time in the mood of completion of exam. But, for those who can’t be within this circle, the night would be longer than the usual hour, moving through all the imaginative test score and dreaming about all the stealthy unmarked papers.

But, is it not same for some. I am sure deep inside the freezing night many of our teachers in boarding school across the country would be silently safe-guarding their school campus, the Royal Bhutan Police would be busy eyeing the town community and health workers would remain busy fixing and repairing the broken bones and arms of our students. And I find this is a very serious concern we have been hearing and experiencing over the years.

What is our Government doing on this Youth issue? Did they think of such act from our students or they want to let our new generation to continue the same fever?

If our bureaucrats fail unwisely to address on this issue soon, they are never far away from getting kick on their ass!

Friday, December 9, 2016

This is a Reply to a Facebook post done by Mr. Dargo Tashi on BDFL employees.

Respected sir

I know you are smart, I admires you for your genuine heart and your level of patriotic feelings for this country. And remember I do follow you constantly so much for all the commonest days happening of the country. Of late, you have become the sources, the Google store for me particularly.  I like the way you put up things for discussion. And I do like your opinions and the remedies on any pertaining issues you try to put up. But, today while I was surfing your opinions on the issues of - ‘BDFL terminates employees without prior notice’, I felt some gust of sore. Some unfair means of intervention and correcting methods being used unwisely and peremptorily for BDFL employees. 

And I am neither talking on behalf of the defendants nor they are my relatives. Further I am not at all related to the BDFL, a state enterprise company based in Paro and Phuentsholing possibly.

You have honestly mentioned your views on your own experiencing of running some business company in and around but I felt sorry for it.

As you have also rightly mentioned about - “I have fired some people who failed to do their jobs properly even during their probation period. If they cannot show me their best during the probation period. I do not expect they will do any better as my regular employees. The shortest time I fired someone is 2 days!!”.

No wonder there are many lot of people or company employees or civil servants who regularly fails to come on time, fails to attend regular duties, fail to generate proper work ethics, fails to cooperate, fails to come free of nights hangover and fails to employ with rules and regulations yet they are not asked to resign nor to terminate, they still can habits the opportunity.

Why is this so happening? Are we fair on the part of individualism? Are we a GNH based country? Are we doing justice to the one who fail regularly and who does everything without the presence of our bosses or censored under CCTV 24-by-7? If then the recent BDFL employees shouldn’t be out with their entitlement, just over three day’s leave takings. If, or whoever thinks they are wrong, we need to hurl our government of the day to send every Bhutanese batch-wise or in a group to Australia, some to Japan and some to Iceland to learn the good values. Otherwise, we are failing on our own part to be a Bhutanese, let’s not say we have a check-and-balance rules and regulations in place.  Let’s not claim we are a net carbon sink country, precisely only carbon negative country in the world. With such system in place, let's say no to corrupt free country in Asia, least corrupt citizens and the government. Needless to say, our country ranked somewhere on the top on corrupt-free nation based on impracticable data, that anyone can do it!

Let me relate one common happenings in our society today and far – there are countless numbers of students in school who do or does things beyond their permissible level like regular absenteeism, doing substance abuses, fighting, not turning up on time, not being regular on school activities, not doing homework and not being disciplined. Is it possible to terminate this group of students out from school? Will it going to benefit country? Is it possible to batter them to death? So, what happens is – school takes multiple corrective methods, measures, ways and means to correct this groups of Youth on daily basis and that is why we have rightful civil servants and the company’s employees without making school empty. Otherwise we will going to generate all the red-bulls and time will come when we need to harvest all the salty crops. Therefore, this two BDFL employees should also be given some room to grow and sharpen their skills before company wants them perfect. Otherwise, company should manufacture Robots, other advanced and super machines to work with them. Because we are no different animal!

But, while going through the online post by Bhutanese media house – Kuensel, it was sourced out that some forged activities has ruled out knowingly. It read as – “the Deputy General Manager of the company allegedly caused the termination of the two female sales executives to create a vacancy for her cousin on standby”.  

Of course, whoever is the concern person or agent I don’t care, hardly what they did or do to each other; however, the sad part is that the scene has closed for the two employees to go for regular office as sales executives, we should all be driven asunder for nobody knows how long this kinds of activities will going to prevail in GNH country.

I wish you could, I could, we could and our government could dismiss that apathy activities out from the base, if our law makers set rightful rules in place out of countenance and looks rather more anxious. Because at the end we are the loser of the two sided coins.

The stolidity with which you received the messages was no doubt rather exasperating for they were delivered in perfect sincerity of forged documentation. So, for how long shall we remain complacent and keep on blaming each other rather I found the issues is genuine.
I incautiously gave the account aloud that this is not the right ways of doing things. It shows the other-side of being Bhutanese, the action is beyond the reach of GNH philosophy. I don't want to buy a salt from Drangmechhu either! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Iron Lady of India dies at 68.

It was neither a good news to millions of Tamilian nor to the parliament house. But, she will continue to remain one of the most influential person in politics and in the film industries. Perhaps, she became more than the goddess of Tamil Nadu politics. She has been a greatest asset to her country in her best pursuit. The women who has ruled India more like 'Gandhian Philosophy.'
Jayalalithaa jee
She has done every preeminent possible ways to bring massive changes in the life of millions of people and uplifted the Indian society than any other women. She had worked so hard, she had risk every bits of her life just for the benefit of all the Indians because of which she had gained a huge popularity amongst the other leaders. She was popularly known as an ‘Iron Lady’ for being tough and firm in her action and ‘Amma’ for acting more than a mother for millions of homeless and to the needy ones.’  

The best part I have seen throughout her political regime and film line is that she has never elapsed to house a loveliest and the most passionate heart for helping and serving millions of forgotten people than any other charity farm.

Indeed, her demises was a greatest lost even to me and to my country. Because I only know "India for Bhutan." "Whatever, happens for India also happens for Bhutan." Nevertheless, Bhutan will never going to forget her firm political career.  

So, when she has passed away she had left a massive void in politics and to the heart of Tamil Nadu, which can’t be replaced easily by anyone anytime soon. I am very sure, it will gonna to take another year or some to forget her long and continued political lives she had for many years, especially from the heart of left-out-people.

In the beginning, Tamilian might have been unsure of whether she can bring any changes or not but after working for so hard and for so long just for the benefit of the people around, she finally had swayed the heart of millions of people. Of course, now nothing can replace her kindness and novelty act than ensconcing her physically in every heart of Indians. And she richly deserves it, hands-down.

I have learnt that - only a life lived for others, is worth living. Only a life lived as an austere silence is worth living.

Robin Sharma stated that, ‘when you die, who would be there at your funeral? Who will speak? Who will cry? And who will still be loving you? But, to 'Jayalalithaa' the story is different, very different. Whole India morns for her demise and whole world can felt the loss of her political drama that she has brought and fought for the right of every people and to her mother land. 

How many of us can be like her? How many of us can work like her? How many of us can create new history by fighting for the country and the people though a political and social war?

Although, she isn't in the living form now yet she has become a revolutionary lady leaders. She has gained the heart of all Indians through long and fair political career and through her great novelty. She had never lived a life of vagabond! 

As a political leader and a mother of millions of people, she had fully fancied her life more than any other duties. So, looking at her political career path, it seemed that she might have undergone a continuous and a sharp discipline life as a child, which had shaped and taught her wisdom but before she had failed to recover her equanimity she had left the world, making millions of people unhappy.  
When you have left for peace, you have left this.

As a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, she always had guarded her country and the people like her own family. More than a political elite, she had also never forgotten to act like a Mother and guard like a Father to her nation, has crown her numerous dignity.

As a political leader, she always had remained a symbol of strength for many women and even to many men. She fought against so many odds to make a name for herself in a male dominated profession like politics.  

With all her deeds, its time for all Indians to satisfy her entire political whims. With all the hopes and prayers, let she continue to remain ever-green in the hearts of Tamil Nadu  and to the universe, let you annihilate the universe that will turn to stronger and mighty yet again even at your absence. When you have passed away, you have left the foliage in the woods, hope time will change it. I hope you will continue to remain as always in the hearts of your people, not as a political elite, not as a film actress but as a great beings, a great Mother.

I only can say that, heaven isn't your home, everyone wanted you to come back to Earth soon, where you have planted the seed of Happiness, seed of Family, a seed of great Parenthood and a motherly nature to heal the lost heart. 

More importantly, may your soul rest in peace is all my wish! 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thimphu Has More City Bus Services than Zhemgang’s Total Number of Vehicles.

Thimphu, City Bus
While it is very good news for the people living in Thimphu city. But it's not same for the people living in far-away places like Zhemgang about the new city bus hitting the road. The very obsolete fact about the Zhemgang is – zhemgang always remains cut-off from public transport services. Even, Taxi isn't so reciprocity during emergency.

Whatever, city will continue to prosper - while Zhemgang can only afford to produce pools of fresh and polished air. No vehicles no air pollution – and the recent parliament discussion wasn't far-off from the new city bus hitting the Thimphu high-way.

The planners in Bhutan lack a key ingredient to a free and fair developmental plans; the freedom to see the forest beyond the trees, the freedom to choose what is necessary for the growth of the country lies within and far away from our unwise politicians.

I couldn’t help but to simply agree with the policy makers and the bureaucrat on whatever they implement.

Precisely, I have found that there is a big mismatch and the problem with our planners in framing and implementing the plans uniformly and wisely always.

Happiness comes through good judgment, good judgment comes through experience and experience comes through bad judgment. But, there is something very wrong with our system, making the same mistakes over and over again, day in and day out. This shows a complete lack of self-awareness, the very far-flung zhemgang will continue to experience its fated doomsday, whatever and whoever comes into power.
Bus: Zhemgangpas have never demanded this kind of Bus service.  
It’s sort of like breaking in a new pair of shoes - at first, it’s a little hard to wear them but soon they fit like a glove. Here, I don’t fully agree onto support the ideas on an effort to address the increasing number of vehicles in the city as if life happens only for city people, as if they only can afford to buy new vehicles. When city has already plenty and better-off facilities than any other places yet developmental progress never stops to freeze. What is really happening in our country - isn't this against the wheel of GNH or the power lies for powerful minds?

The latest City Bus services for Thimphu city has given me lots of mixed feelings; how and why Thimphu only need such facilities, as if government of the day was elected alone by Thimphupas and not by other far-off people. It seemed to me that people living in Thimphu only need such good and advanced facilities. It seemed that people living in Thimphu only has the problem, need to survive and need such facilities. Then, why our policy makers are arguing so much on to reduce rural-urban migration.  

The cost of imported City Bus has amounted to Nu 67 million, I can flatly agree upon it without any deny. But, my question is - what, if our government can spare Nu 3.2 million for procuring one least advanced bus for places like Zhemgang to ease more severe problems of increasing number of private vehicles hitting the road every day. But, more importantly it would unruly benefit uncountable disadvantaged friends and families. 

The recent survey from 'Roads Safety and transport Authority' has found out that at least seven-to-ten vehicles are hitting Bhutanese road every day and the story is no different for Zhemgang. 

If government can deploy few decent bus to the place where there are no bus service and on need based, it would immensely benefit the people far-and-wide. Resected politicians and concern agency; “Zhemgangpas, only need decent and fine bus service.” 
Bus: Zhemgangpas, wanted this kind of of simple and workable bus service.
Thimphupas will continue to advance more while Zhemgangpas will continue to suffer without one decent bus service and forget about the optimal use of the buses to help the government’s initiative to curb the increasing import of vehicles and pollution.

Is our government of the day wise to do this job? If - otherwise, we also need one decent bus service to ease even more dangerous social problems than any other. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. CG7???

Chencho Gyeltshen: Bhutan's first international
Football player.
It's harder to believe in reality, the veracity of the changing times throughout. But, it is as simple as this; once we used to believe life beyond impossible to sustain through playing 'Games and Sports' alone. Although, playing can also conceitedly encapsulate likelihoods like any other jobs or business. 

Shall we still continue to remain complacent like what it used to be in the past or time to turn back the clock and say it’s time to think out-of-the-box. Whatever, let’s be more practical for constantly changing world to beat the uncertainty of times.

No sooner did we hear the press release of our only Footballer; Mr. Chencho Gyeltshen (CG7), who will be soon playing in Chittagong Abahani of the Bangladesh Premier League than he started to become largely popular figure everywhere - even to the most and far uneducated lots.  

I know as an individual person that he might have ascended from the mountain-top and taken the path which was less-travelled by everyone. And nobody knows how and what level of race and energy he might have taken to reach this point. But, he did it the way he wanted it.  It is very sure, he might have faced so much of family demurral but nothing has stopped him from becoming the Football-Star. What we can learn from him is that everything is possible, as long as full self-acclaim is affirmed - be it small or big. 

Had he not chosen to risk his life as a Footballer, he might have ended his life into the things he is less capable of doing, he might have wasted his entire life doing unfertile labor and he might have juggled his life behind the things he love less. He might have become a burden to his family but now he isn’t that. Because of his firm braverity and self-confidence in Football game, he could finally stand to become a football-man for his impeccable football acumen. And I have a deep respect for his great football skills and ability to at least play in some international football club. I hope he will continue to become better player than today.   

It seemed to me that this game is promising only for CG7 and not to anyone else. It seemed to me that he only knows how to block and tackle the ball. And it seemed to me that he only has two skillful legs and no one else has. If not - why can’t we let our young boys and girls learn more skills for games and sports from the very young age at school by providing right amenities and right resources. What if our government of the day can plan for better games and sports center or ‘Sports Academy’ for sport enthusiastic rather than forcing someone against their will, skills and ability which is not so germane at this point?    
In the history of Bhutanese Education system so far, ‘games and sports’ used to be the least count option although students in school are supposed to learn. But, to what level and who is counting their progress in the sporting field is - beyond question.  Whatever, we still find very less individuals or parents taking interest in supporting their child to take up sporting career and the main reason could be the market within and outside the country. Because we have very deep rooted culture of studying has only the future, and nothing more. But, is it possible for all of us to get into government jobs for every day swelling populations. But, for our CG7 the case wasn’t like ours. I am very sure that he might have rescued so many of our young boys and girls who also wishing to take-up sporting career very soon by setting a very firm example within our nation and - beyond. Perhaps, which is like any other job or business. But why we still have very less people opting for sports when there are pools of opportunity nationally or internationally?

As a parents, as a brother or sister and as a guardian, do we let our child decide for their career path? 

Amongst all, just few of the individuals are big on goal-setting action and that is how I have seen this boy setting football legacy even in our land too. I hope for sure he will going to have more financially successful journey than all of us if he can hold onto trying more and more on his career path than usual. Lately, his name started to appear everywhere; in newspaper, on the television, at the office or in the town. Because he is the first Bhutanese man to earn his living through Football Abilities and nothing more.

The moment you start to concentrate on what your heart says, then only you start to notice its rhythm and its qualities and that is exactly what has happened to our CG7. This is a man who is responsible for his own Football-destiny.  

The best is soon to come. You run your own race!

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Workplace Toilet!

If you think you need rules to use toilet then we need more straighten rules in place to visit marketplace here after. But for sure we don't have both even decimally in place. And remember our first option and the priority should be to have clean toilet for all of us, for all times.
My activities at my workplace on World toilet day: 19th, Nov.

I hope all of the colleagues would like to use this clean toilet. Let's make this a lifelong habits and not just for a day. I would like to request all my friends to use all the toilets smartly so that we don't want our Bhutanese giving example of other countries like Japan and Singapore for serving the cleanest toilet when we have everything at our reach. 
My workplace toilet: 19th, Nov 2016
I think and to my best level - 'Bhutan toilet organization' is doing their best to implement clean toilets and good toilet habits to all of us but unsure of how many of us are really taking care of this simple yet imperative aspects of life. And not only that they are also trying to instill the values of personal hygiene through lots of written postures and various social activities through social networking sites over again and again. This is the right time we must pick some of the good habits for better future else we will fail as a nation.

We only realize the price of toilet unless we are to attain some emergency natures call and during loose motion.  I hope our toilet habits would multiple for better with so much effort from our 'Bhutan Toilet Organization team' and from international agency in making TOILET as one of the most important wealth of every individual people around the world. I wish everyone a happy toilet habits and sojourn for better health hereafter.                                                                 

Just remember your toilet and my toilet is so-so but mine is far superior from everyone. Because when I make a visit to toilet I never forget to take water with me. While in toilet I also never forget to follow clean toilet habits which makes me so different. So, if you all possess worthy toilet habits, I shall request you all to continue and if you don't have one it's time to incur some good habits else it will going to cost you even more than your own life very soon.  


Friday, November 11, 2016


      61st- Birth Anniversary of your Majesty'; King Jigme Singye Wangchuck!  

Fourth King of Bhutan

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mr. New President!

45TH presidential-ship of America has came as a big surprise to the world but not to me. 
I have been internally supporting your mission and the party you lead. I have started to regard the honest administration, when you declare yourself from a business tycoon to throw onto be the elite political leaders was a great deal to assure you. 

And now I must say your greater political window for four years have started, without any division. More importantly, everyone might be in the hope that you would bring back all the political whim back by bridging your country to outside world to greater height. Remember world would see you, your country and Trump Administration as an example. I hope so you won't compromise the line you used to state always - "corruption free conservative laws in place for better America!" 

Over Mrs, Clinton I have seen you a better futuristic person to lead your fellow citizens forward. I hope you would restore more peace by setting more prodigious political wheel and sustainable economy conditions.

Although, I am beyond Trump Administration yet I had a great feelings that you would bring some forgotten hopes and dreams of your people back again by building better political ground. Not alone by building walls between Mexican border and to your country.  

Now it is time for you to put best and the right share of laws in your soil. It is in you to build the kinds of society you wanted in future. It is in you to put your country first as the most secured, rich, dynamic and politically rich country in the world.   

But, the good news is that Mr. Trump would unite all the people living in America. He says it's time to bind the wounds of division, he has promised to have great, great foreign relations, he will put US first but deal fairly with everyone, he will going to have great economic plan to double growth for all classes of people, he promised to serve his people fairly and rebuild the nation as one big family. He also promised that he will be president for all Americans. 

Mr. Trump family and his supporters would experience the big, honest, longest and the peaceful good-night sleep while Mrs. Clinton family, Obama family and her supporters who threw all the possible weights behind her would experience the shortest, the most terrible sleep for rest of the nights.

And here won't be any - 'Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga' singing for the final political game ending for Mrs. Clinton. 

When some panels or table analyst was busy arguing on "Unexpected Results", Mr. Trump has already won the race to white house? While I hope Mrs. Clinton won't have another Blood-Pressure drama.  

World Cup Fever

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