Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Chalk and the Dust!

Who is a teacher?

This is something we need to know very closely as an individual, because there isn’t anybody who is comparable to a teacher, a world maker and a mind architect.

The literary meanings for a teacher is 'a person whose job is teaching, especially in school'. Isn’t this ironic when nobody values teacher even though they have great powers of persuasion to change this world.

I believe, teacher are someone who hauls the forms of the chalk into dust and finally turns it into gold. They are the only super hero, north-star and the one who always sinks in the pool of chalk-dust for the sake of world and to change empty brain but it never happens the way it should happen.    

With advent in technology, teacher are valued less in the society. Our student thinks that technology alone can help them learn entire syllabus. They think that all learning comes in total package with good mobile phone with 3G network coverage. Our youth aspires only for easy and royal road to cross-over learning and that is how our general public draw a conclusion on education being deteriorating over time.  These days hardcore practice of learning has lost completely and the phase of education is becoming ugly.  

Honestly, many students thinks coming to school and learning is all for their parents and teachers. For many, school is a hard place to live in since learning has become a burden. I have seen many lost in the memory of social media. So, with this low thinking for education how can we produce scientist? Because education system in our country is as old as education in other nation. What we are learning at school is as same as what other nation are learning. The only differences is how we view the power of education and take learning a priority.

Our youth likes more of sedentary lifestyle rather than gaining a good packet of education. They are more concern about what kinds of dress or mobile phone they should possess than what kinds of education they should have when they become independent. Although this part of life is equally important yet more important is they should have more greed for education. After all it makes life and living altogether.

As I have seen that the value of coming to school and learning is simply happening for the sake of happening. Teachers are paid monthly salary to perform their job. All the students are provided free education still we could see education is not taking rightly in the heart of our Youth.

The primary job of a teacher is to teach, educate, guide and nurture yet we see them working beyond what they are assigned to work. We see teachers are working like a cart, politicians, coach, friends, parents and counsellor yet we see no change happening.  These days teacher's presence in school is felt as a burden and right to freedom is lost. They see teachers as their immediate enemy, they feel school as cage and they feel rules as penalty. But to the end, everyone wants to crown with success. I must say this is the big challenge we are facing in our education field.

If we want a change, scientists and have great thinkers, let's start to respect the chalk, the dust and the teacher because education comes only at the cost of these many individual sacrifice. 

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