Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Government Considers Buying New Pool Vehicles

I am thoroughly confused on this yet again, why the government liked the concept of pool vehicles ban uplift, when it's already proof that the pool vehicles is not serving its primary duty. It had automatically forced me to scan the whole article on the subject that became obvious for more cost factors inclined. 

The ban for pool vehicles has come for good reasons by last government having researched scrupulously not having much help rather it became a nuisance for many big post holders to drop and pick their school going kids. Moreover, it has been found that the pool vehicles in past years had served as fishing vehicles, going for vegetable markets and partying.

Today, our country is running shot of enough currency reserves and the economy is still in big crisis yet we see government planning to procure some. I am sure pool vehicles in our country will not and will never fulfil its mandates rather it would become more cost fueling factors. 

Who will pay for drivers, maintenance cost, pollution talks, disparity among office goers, fueling and traffic jams for the incoming vehicles, when the country's economy depth is not sound? 

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