Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Real Hero

William Carr Crofts who was born at Bradford, Yorkshire in 1846 was an English architect by profession, who was a nature born photographer and a lover of music.
William Carr and his photo-gallery
William Carr in action
Photography is a medium in which an artist express his or her feelings just like a love letter to a girl. It is also the means of communication in silence. It usually speaks more than what is merely captured with the artist thoughts.
He was truly a modern master of fine art photography. He has touches and still lives in millions of heart across the world as one of the pioneer in photography. He had given the strong sense of what actually is the art of photography and its essence in all his photographs.

He said, ‘it is the intent of the artist to articulate the world that the subject cannot say in its own voice. It is within nature, that the beauty lies. But, it is the artist who stops time and interprets the gift of beauty for all to enjoy in any fraction of time’.

Unlike others, every images he captured has meanings and can speaks in silence as beings. The most powerful images are the ones that has an element of surprise in them, the one that has total dynamic meanings for every individual while upon looking. Thus, his images are no exception as it stands as one of the most considered classic examples of nature photographs still today in many art museum gallery.  What made him different, unusual and modern was his interpretation of the nature through photographs. Moreover, he had taken always one step further than anyone to understand the beauty of nature.
William Carr's photograph
The way he had captured every single image of nature had made me so close with his photographs. Every time, I catch hold of my camera I think his powerful images that in a way horn my skills to better photography world. While simply clicking some of his photographs made me think that he was born truly to be a great photographers. His skills are inordinate and exceptionally powerful in creating scenic beauty of nature.   

As he had dedicated his life to travel the world and capture images of all kinds, I am thoroughly touched by his patience for photography. Although we can't live up to like him in the field of photography risking and sacrificing every seconds of life but at least we can aspire our self that photographs always speaks in silence and carried bags and bags of meanings in itself.   

Although, 'photography is a rich man’s hobby', but it's not always true. It is not in any kinds that good photographs only comes with expensive gadgets and the lens. But I believe it is all to do with how we think and plan to take a shot. And the other key elements in photography is how we use our own eye lens and the patience to enjoy with nature. 
William Carr's waterfall shot
He had travelled the world in the same way as everyone but he had captured the images no one had seen and captured and that made him so rich and unique. As a photographer he only knew how to keep world in lens because there isn’t any great things than so called nature in this world.

William Carr's sunset photograph
Through his art of photography he had respectfully earned the title of last man standing. His main intention of photography is to promote, preserve and respect the beauty of nature forever and ever.

Although, the path of a master is absolutely solitary one. But, my hunt and quest for a photography will never be less either.  

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