Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photography Trips

Photographs is a medium in which an artist express his/her feelings and admiration of the nature so much so wide. I know what it is to be a photographer. I know where would be the eye of a photographer. The mind of every photographer will be always into frame and to the objects in which he or she is in love.

To go with the photography, a decent camera is most. Camera is an electronic gadgets or device that captures the feelings of an artist.  There are different type of cameras in market - simple to complex. The most popular type of camera a photographer uses are the DSLR, as it is simple, compact and portable. It’s not necessary to earn the most expensive camera rather it's important to have skills to take a shot, passion to walk into the wild or around the country and creative mind and spiteful eye.  

Photographs, matters in how an artist view and take a shot rather than simply carrying an expensive gadget and walk around.  

While shooting the images the elements like exposure metering, shutter speed, focal length, focusing, aperture and depth of field, direction, quality of light, background, color combination, shape/symmetry, texture, form and pattern, framing and selecting a view point are some of the key field one should know while exploring photo-shot.

To my best level, I always used to be in the same shoe of any other photographers and view the world in wilder ranges/angles ---

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