Monday, May 30, 2016

This work or the art piece has really inspired me to move ahead more and more. Just looking at these kinds of art piece and photographs I never feel likes to stop with my passion of going into the wild to explore nature and its beauty. 

I always assume more and best things into the wild and in nature than any other piece of substance. There are more and best things already in nature to those who knows what is best for life, to those who knows how to enjoy this subtle world. There is the greatest things in nature if one knows how to enjoy with nature without destroying its essence. 

Looking at some prominent landscape and bird images by photographer, Yeshey Dorji I usually get countless folds of energy to move ahead. His photographs has really moved my energy to explore more and more photographs. Although, photography is a rich man’s hobby yet we can be our own hero, we can do best of what is already there in the nature even simply by using simple gadgets available. 


  1. Keep it up! You've done great job so far! Hope to see more beautiful captures of yours la Sancha! :)

  2. Thank you madam for the encouragement la...

  3. Thank you madam for the encouragement la...


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