Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Fate Decides

Friendship photograph - xii sci (2008): Photo courtesy: Facebook
When man can’t survive by bread alone, he need to grasp the other options for survival. Sometime he even need to sacrifice his own life and the loved ones.  

While some rooted from south and some from west, have different religion to family backgrounds, likes and views yet gathered for a common end goal called – education, unruffled at the southern belt of the country.

Amongst this group, some decided to become an architect, some engineers, some officers, some fashion artist but myself and few more had chosen to become a teacher - the nation builders, the teaching force.

Had it been not privileged to be in this circle of friend we might have missed or not have seen many such beautiful life events? Now we can't say when it will happen such friendship gathering. Friendship isn't all about the in-depth schedule of getting together all the time but rather a remembrance alone is enough many a times.

Although, we don't know who own the greater fate, we even don’t have any written trademark on our forehead and the strength to become someone great and that isn't so easy either yet we made it in a small way that is what we are today.

When I chose to become a teacher I didn’t know anything about a teacher and teaching profession but upon becoming a teacher, I came to know endless things and what it is to be a great teacher. As a teacher I believe every day is a new beginning, every encounter a league and I am in it to make a difference. I'm in it to make a legacy that would remain for entire cohort in the heart of millions. Because teachers are the silver bullet of any nation to persist.

As a teacher I have learnt different behaviors of kids at school, I am into lifelong learning culture, every day is a new journey, every day I am directly or indirectly influencing the future generations. And teachers are also the role model and the point of references and that is what I have chosen to become unknowingly.

Had it been given a chance, I would rather became like any one of you, who don’t need to prepare daily lessons, do not have to dress-up properly and do not need to receive any insalubrious remarks.

Although, our togetherness was just for two years or so yet we became an intimate friends, friends for life. Our friendship bonds are still stronger and unbreakable in many ways and I hope to carry on till the end of time. And that is the best part we have learnt along with our daily syllabus and schedules within and –beyond classroom. But for me, there isn't any solid basis to be a teacher rather it came with an absolute threshold of the destiny and remember nothing can change that.

Gone are those days but not forever; there aren’t anything special than taking some special moment a photograph together, which can remain throughout life as a memory. Nonetheless, anything less than a friend would be a complete ambiguous.

It is this circle of friends who have put things together, the values of good human being and provided the force that would never end. Every friend aren't quite so dramatic within but they still come and make some differences and that is what exactly has happened with us.

I am very sure this moment would never come back and meeting together in the same form, same face and all together can never be possible but we can at least cherish the moment of togetherness through this image. When I look at the image I feel like I am still young and handsome. I wish I can stop the clock and turn back the time so that we can still be together – naughty and funny!

Although I couldn't become like you all, nevertheless I am surviving as a classroom teacher. And remember that is how beautifully I am educating your child at school.  

There had, of course been no conspiracy, - the north man had to compete with the south man for the same end goal like whole class had for the same. All I could remember was there are many sleepless night, no day went by that easy either in the process of chasing a dream.

As a student we have never left things unturned. The voluminous chapter unwrapped for the endless competitions and that is how we could come out with victory. 

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  1. Nice article ever read. Glad to know that you sincere, dedicated and hardworking nation builder. Keep it up Sancha sir.


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