Friday, August 12, 2016

Digital Detox
Do you get restless if you fortuitously leave your cell phone at home for the day? Are you regularly checking for new messages, emails or social media updates, even when you are in the bathroom? Do you text and drive despite knowing possibly deadly consequences?
I have heard about the human being detox from some chronic diseases or from some addiction in-order to become better or reduce the pain but here comes new measures to digital detox which helps human to get out of technology touch for some period of time, when s/he become too addicted into social media. 
Digital detox - refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and computers. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress and focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Many studies showed on - how technology can contribute to high levels of stress, pressure on relationships and family, attention disorder symptoms, certain mental disorders and even health problems. The more things you're hooked into the harder it'll be to get out of it and the more anxiety will crop on. But if one wanted to get out of technology world, a detox can help us release some of the negative accrual and give us some break to make some choices. 
Here are some urgent benefits of digital detox: 

Good mental health: There is a growing concern among scientists that indulging in these ceaseless disruptions caused by digital devices is not good for our brains than excessive sugar, fat and other things we tend to crave are not good for our bodies.

Better human relationships: With digital detox, it is possible to maintain a better relationship. Many people have bad breakups because of a cultural shift from face-face communication and shorter attention span. Spending more time on social media platforms than interacting with people face-to-face in the physical world has a preventing effect on the development of communication and social skills.

Increased Productivity: Mobile devices and gadgets often cause distractions at work leading to poor performance, carelessness, absent-mindedness and failure.
Good Posture: The physical effect of too much technology will be reduced. Such effects include wrist, arm and shoulder pain, ears roaring, eye strain and lack of sleep. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Destruction to Continue Beyond Repair

In 2013, I've first walked into this place to be an Educator. It's all about my fate to be in this beautiful place - much untouched from destruction, much isolated and many unexplored nature for human benefits and consumption. Back then Zhemgang was a beautiful place.

Soil erosion - BPC tower
Of course, many things have changed and progressed after my arrival. But, not to this extend of progress. The one that I felt much concern with the establishment of 'New Electric Tower' on mountain top, where the land feature is not suitable to hold these heavy equipment’s and machinery. Once it was a place to remember for its serene nature, a place that has everything intact - from abundant fresh air to greenery. Once it was a heavenly place for countless lives and now it has become a place beyond mention. 

Who should be held answerable for this big environmental causes that can't be repaired with the whole funding that has been incur to build this tower? Should we say 'Government of India or Royal government of Bhutan' for investing to cause this debase work? If it is our government, who have unwisely used the money, no doubt we're digging our own grave yard.

BPC tower - 2016
I'm sure this place will take over next few decades to generate but never to its original firm. What has happened to this most appalling and highly foolish establishment of electric tower, which has caused irreparable damaged to thousands of living beings? We may never be able to undo the damage that has been caused but it is my hope that the government will do whatever is indispensable to rescue this kinds of activities in future for the environmental cause. We say loud that Bhutan is only Carbon NEGATIVE country and if we continue to progress over this kind of unplanned activities to run further how far can our environment sustain. That way - are we not pressurizing our nature?  

Landslide - July 2016
In the hope of few happiness or development we're losing our pristine nature that can't be even regenerated for centuries. With this kinds of human actions in place we're simply losing our nature that gives everything. Perhaps, in the name of country's development are we not creating black mark everywhere without any planned planning? Indeed, we've already lost enough of our environment to developmental activities which can't be undo by any special force. And still we're extracting, how far shall we continue and prolong our unplanned damage. 
I cannot say for sure but it may be possible that the tower will give back the human services for what it is meant for. The sole responsible agencies for the damages caused for this mountain top should think whether the demand has met or not. Government of India, Royal government of Bhutan, Bhutan Power Cooperation limited and Ministry of Agriculture are the concern agencies that need to study the feasibility of land features for any developmental activities otherwise, we'll cost even more to generate what we're gifted with.

I know if the Ministry of Agriculture, Bhutan would have barred the funding agencies from environmental clearance issues, this mountain erosion would have not occurred and caused this corrupt damages. If money can buy everything no doubt Bhutan will become next SINGAPORE in few years but where do we stand on only Carbon NEGATIVE country in the world. Isn't it a shameful activities we are planning everywhere. Of course, nothing can substitute the beauty of this mountain but there are other option still left for a wise planner for not aiming to dig and extract this kind of sloppy and unstable mountain in future. 

In 2014, this same spot looks like this - Tshogyal sir (pic)

Land destruction - opposite to Zhemgang Dzong

It is my belief that our concern agencies would have sold this mountain top to counterpart in good faith - based on the primeval conditions are made. Hope the laws that are made aren't go in vain. Therefore, should we chose to withhold the work progress that has brought enough destruction or penalize based on the environmental laws, can it substitute all the damages. I could see careless and unwise planning that has stand out into this electric tower; one not being ethical and the other not being visionary.

But one thing I can assure here without hesitation is countless money will flow in after the project is done, the view at the end of the construction will be consummate but where are we heading for the world's big idea of Carbon Supply.  

Night view of Zhemgang Town from mountain-top 2014

View of Zhemgang - Tshogyal sir (pic2014)

Friday, August 5, 2016

William Shakespeare

Royal Education Council is likely to reintroduce Shakespeare in the English curriculum for secondary schools after nine years gap. It is to replace dramas for present class XI and XII have in the curriculum, from 2017 academic session.

Shakespeare was discontinued in 2006 with the introduction of New Bhutanese English Curriculum. Many had felt Shakespearean language was obsolete and difficult and that is how it came to a halt. 

However, based on the discussions carried out by REC with English teachers across the country, the reintroduction of Shakespeare was deemed important. All the English teachers felt that it has cavernous meaning, much quintessence and values which are not seen in the dramas being taught in the new curriculum.

William Shakespeare  
But with the reintroduction of this new curriculum I am bit confused whether our new generation can adopt with it or not - thou, thy, thee, wouldst, dost. I'm somehow lucky to get last chance to study the old English curriculum when I was in class ten. At least I know who is William Shakespeare and his few textbooks that was there in our old curriculum.  

I wish - All the best for the successful reintroduction of Shakespeare textbook and hope our new generation can get better chance to explore all about Shakespeare in the wheel of technology.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roles of a Teacher

Ten main roles of a teacher in school. 
i.   Maintain high degree of class discipline which is indispensable for effective learning.
ii.  Take care of the class attendance and the other necessary key records.
iii.  Prepare the result sheets and progress reports of the class students.
iv.  Regularly check the uniform and the cleanliness.
v.   Act as a bridge between the parents and the students on any issues.
vi.  Effectively implement student’s code of conduct.
vii.  Act as a role model for the students and promote wholesome education.
viii. Coordinate students for all types of class competitions – cleanliness, campus beautification, SUPW, reading programme, games and sports, classroom care and development.
ix.  Provide academic, pastoral care and support to each student in need.
x.   Inculcate good character and conduct in each student. 
 P.S: Thank you -  all teachers for the values that you have given to us. You all are great and we will always remember your kindness and the love that you have shown to us. 

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