Monday, September 19, 2016

Ageing Love - II

I am thoroughly confused where and how shall I begin my 89 years old Love Story?

My watch reads 6:11 pm, time for dinner with Chicken Soups and a cup of tea.   

But, to my dismay I couldn't found them. The room was empty. I couldn't believe my eyes and started to look for them around hurriedly but couldn't. I tried to inquired duty in-charge where about that 89 years old patient, I mean Grandpa?

'He was discharged.' Said duty in-charge for the night.

'When, I mean at what time La?' I guess, after lunch, said duty in-charge. I'm further confused about the matter. Hum! Was there any one who came to pick them up La? 'I don't know.' Said duty in-charge in confusion. I wanted to continue further but duty in-charge have left the scene for round check-up in the Pediatric Room.

For the last time I tried to look back at the bed when I first saw them lying silently and sympathetically sharing their little food and a cup of tea.    

I was lost completely in the thoughts of how they would have spent their young life, how they would have fallen in love with each other, how they would have made their 'First Love'? 

Now, I am completely exhausted. At the same time lost in mixed feelings of the scene, I have left the place in confusion with how my life will be 20 years, 30 years from now? 

"Where they went lo, my wife interrupted?" They said, they have no ideas about them, lo.

Peep, peep! Someone’s car have checked into the parking. I made my journey back to home with dissatisfaction. So, many questions stated to knock on my head, Don Williams, Listen to the Radio Music was on play, wife questioning about the same matters again and again as if I know everything, my head started to become heavy. It has started to behave as if it had received thousands nailing. However, after some minutes of drive, we have safely made to home.

I can't imagine, what would be my state at 89? 

At 89, I may not be standing like him, I may be challenging the next realm of life, at 89 I may be taking so many different forms of life, because I am happy to see 89 years old Grandpa still strong  to hold all by him selves. 

I guess he is a man who has stand so many hard life, he is someone who had seen our beloved second King of Bhutan. I think as a man he might have sacrificed all of his life for making his family yet he is alone to challenge his sickness. The fate of our life always encircle within the dimensions of lonesome, being disappointed and nothing more, it's the part of life. 

I'm lucky to find him on my way to patient's room that day. Because I've seen someone who've seen our Second King. He is the man of Second King's Reign. I hope there will be just few people like him who have experienced the reign of 'Four Kings of Bhutan'. 
I'm very sure he won't last much longer by age. However, I will never stop to pray God to bless him for his next life. 

I am unable to say exactly whereabouts their journey. Where they have reached and how they have reached back home. But, all I wish is safe journey and peaceful life ahead.

 I am happy to be in, 'The Land of Khengpas.' 


  1. I hope they have returned safely to the place they have been residing for all these years.

    Its so great of you for having shown them such a sympathy, packing them the dinner. I know you be blessed for the humble deeds. Their hearts would have touched the ground. Aanyway, sorry that you are quite late i mean couldn't catch them up.

    Keep following your great works. It seems you got a very supporting wife. So lucky of you!

    It was nice reading this beautiful narration la. Have a good day

    1. Thanks for reading my article madam Karma Wangmo...

  2. Great blog!!

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    Pablo from Argentina


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