Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ageing Love!

89/M old Grandpa and granny eating from one plate - magic of love. 
No sooner had I stepped into the BHU patient's room than my eye caught hold of an old love, an ageing love. Of course, at this age it is time for them to rest in a sheer blissful peace, chant mantras and time to count rosary beads but their situations wasn't so jovial. 

All I could see and feel looking at their warmth relationship is the power of love, love exist throughout and eternally in one's heart.

It may seem absurd to believe in this entwined love story of 89 years old Grandpa and Granny, a primitive love culture in the Himalaya but it is very true, a real take home story. In fact, they've portrayed us the best example, a quality of human bond one should have for any kinds of relationship. I know what it is to love and be loved by someone with uncut heart is a great fortune of life. And that is what I've seen in them.

Although, today everyone mien for happy ending future and the true love but all in uncertainty. Perhaps, if someone desires for happy and unbroken family lineage one must continue from the very primordial time of one owns ancestry otherwise it'll never end like 'First Love'. Happy and strong bonded relationship impart the sense of high integral family values, sincerity and dedication. Remember love works and survive in all types of situations if conditioned properly.

Looking at this seasoned and old love cultures in our society I ne'er feel like to abandon this world of impermanence. But, this same journey of life will never going to spare me and anyone. I feel very sad and empty when I look at this earthy suffering of old age. I can't wait to see this kind of grim situation but it is the part of life. The cause and condition of life improbability start to begin from the time we merely start to swim inside mother's womb. And simply reflecting upon life down to subtle line gives me even more painful. The menace persuasion always starts to fill my mind as soon as I think of old age. All I want is to die as young as possible. I don't want anyone to suffer for me, I wanted to die in harmony, peacefully. 

At the door step to BHU, Zhemgang I was surprised to see very old couple helping each other unwearyingly with much love and care. Although it is time for them to get love and care from their lovable child but the situations wasn't so fair to them.   

They cherish the moments of being in love but for how long? When the uncertainty of life knocks on the door of impermanence they need to license their material presence yet they believe is love that is more powerful than any medicines. Although, I've never known them before, I'm not their biological line, relatives but I started to feel as one, an honest heart to serve them with few basic elements.  We know no one dares to leave this place yet no one can escape the bond of death, uncertainty of life. I know initially they might have fallen in love like you and I do for so many reasons - beautiful and charming life but today same life has reached beyond repair. It would be same for all of us - no matter how rich, how powerful, how beautiful and how famous one is, the path of death is same? I can admit evanescence of life and the moments of ecstasy reminisces far unless you and I sojourn with peace mind. 

Looking at the situations of this senior citizens honestly I don't wanted to live long to the time when I can't eat, sleep, dress, walk and see around by myself. What do you say?

Whatever, maybe the situation, the ingredients of all sacred emotions which binds two lovers with destiny and faith is to remain in harmony and in peace. I wish everyone to have mutual love bond in-between family, lovers and to living world. So, that you'll never regret to the action you've made knowingly or unknowingly. 
Food of LOVE!
I was surprised to see this couple eating together from a single plate, drinking from one cup and sharing what little they've is something we must take as an example. But, can you do like them at this age, when the love has become too old? 

My message to all the lovers is to be tolerant in love, have dedication to each other and be faithful. Because you'll never going to escape the path of death, lonesome and old age. Remember your single love counts more than how you'll live your entire life. 

Please, experience the new height of love every day and every moment...Love happens anyway and then miracle will follow your footstep.


  1. HI Sancha sir,

    Thank you from the heart for coming up with such a lovable piece of write-up, featuring the impermanence of life through a lovely couple. I really like reading it, its full of wisdom and knowledge.

    Have a good day la.

    1. Its a momentous feeling on the spot, i made a promise to visit BHU once in every month and help what i can do for them - to neglected one and disadvantaged one aptly...Thanks for reading my long piece of writing la...Part two is under construction...

  2. A very meaningful post. Your story presents the dark realities of human life. Thanks for sharing this powerful episode la...


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