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Dream One Ended - Manas Park

Source: google. Location of Manas Park
In school, I was taught to locate Royal Manas National Park on Bhutan Map by my Geography Teacher Twelve years before and I am making myself in the same Location Twelve years after; to explore and experience on what is there in the park - animals, birds, whatever? 

The specialty of such places can only be felt when one start to love for Nature. For which, it is the greatest ointment of the Universe.
Journey to Manas Park
At present Royal Manas National Park is marked as the biggest, oldest and the world's biologically outstanding park around the Globe. It is the conservation showpiece of the Kingdom. It serve as an innate bank, home for many prized species of - plants, endangered animals, birds and butterflies which no other country have one in their list. 

It also serves as the main biological corridors to other national parks. It lies along the baseline of Manaschhu covering an area of 1,057 square kilometers. It provides shelters and supplies the most clean and copious life survival oxygen and carbon dioxide to animals and plants respectively. 
Perilous boat to cross to reach Manas Park 
After class ten I have left the subject but doesn't mean I have forgotten the Location on the map. I know the importance of the parks, zoos, land features and river system even though I have never studied like Park Manager and Specialist to work in such places. It means that I have left the subject not by my ability, I have left for my own betterment – because chemistry, physics and mathematics was in my favor and rescued me to persist in life.    
Butterfly in Manas Park
It was the beginning of 2010 when I first started to love nature, I always wanted to explore wild, wanted to study about the nature, habitats and behavior of animals, birds and butterfly species. Nonetheless, I always wanted to stay more focus with nature to nurture me throughout.

Perhaps, as a boy I have a deep passion to visit such places, I have always grown up into the place where abundance of Flora and Fauna have surrounded me. And chirping sounds of the birds and its beautiful nature have always pulled me into the wild and constantly inspires me to be its part; to save form danger and to its extinction.

In 2013, I got my first placement to Zhemgang, a place where my ancestors have never been to the place. Perhaps, I am making my own history. Because there are many special things which no other place have in hoard – very secrete Buli Tsho, traditional heritage village, most scattered settlement, extremely unique Kheng culture, Royal Manas National Park, twin waterfall and Rafting are some of the most treasured things for the people of Kheng and to the visitors.

Of course, it lies not so far away yet there always lies greater challenges to reach to such places because we consider it as the secondary wants and likes of an individual. For a common man reaching to such a great place is usually very rare and complicated at time in life. Yet, this time without any rebuff I made it done lavishly. 

Elephant in Manas Park
Although, it was long standing, tiring and bumpy journey yet I made it perfectly. While making a visit to the place I got to see the location, land features and vegetation the most. 

To say the place is richly populated with highly endangered species of animals, birds, butterflies and varieties of plants which no other country has in the world, which Manas has today. As a nature lover I felt extremely joyous and happy to be in the park. 
Lizard in Manas Park
I am thoroughly confused now. How many of you are as enthusiastic as me to pay a visit to such places through perilous road conditions and tight daily schedule? Do we need to save all of these endangered species in such park only? While the rest of the world is running short of such places for hi-tech advancement, it looks like we are going to be the world hub centers in such preservation, it's good for us anyway.
Butterfly in Manas Park
The park was well maintained, guarded and preserved not only for wild animals, birds and plants. But, also well secured surroundings for visitors. If anyone dream to have the facilities to hold night out with families, loved ones and friends and wanted to experience life beyond the call of normal activities, you can always lease a homely facilities on campus guest house for a night or two. 

Anyway, my number Two Dream is to visit 'Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary', and what is your NEXT dream?

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