Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. CG7???

Chencho Gyeltshen: Bhutan's first international
Football player.
It's harder to believe in reality, the veracity of the changing times throughout. But, it is as simple as this; once we used to believe life beyond impossible to sustain through playing 'Games and Sports' alone. Although, playing can also conceitedly encapsulate likelihoods like any other jobs or business. 

Shall we still continue to remain complacent like what it used to be in the past or time to turn back the clock and say it’s time to think out-of-the-box. Whatever, let’s be more practical for constantly changing world to beat the uncertainty of times.

No sooner did we hear the press release of our only Footballer; Mr. Chencho Gyeltshen (CG7), who will be soon playing in Chittagong Abahani of the Bangladesh Premier League than he started to become largely popular figure everywhere - even to the most and far uneducated lots.  

I know as an individual person that he might have ascended from the mountain-top and taken the path which was less-travelled by everyone. And nobody knows how and what level of race and energy he might have taken to reach this point. But, he did it the way he wanted it.  It is very sure, he might have faced so much of family demurral but nothing has stopped him from becoming the Football-Star. What we can learn from him is that everything is possible, as long as full self-acclaim is affirmed - be it small or big. 

Had he not chosen to risk his life as a Footballer, he might have ended his life into the things he is less capable of doing, he might have wasted his entire life doing unfertile labor and he might have juggled his life behind the things he love less. He might have become a burden to his family but now he isn’t that. Because of his firm braverity and self-confidence in Football game, he could finally stand to become a football-man for his impeccable football acumen. And I have a deep respect for his great football skills and ability to at least play in some international football club. I hope he will continue to become better player than today.   

It seemed to me that this game is promising only for CG7 and not to anyone else. It seemed to me that he only knows how to block and tackle the ball. And it seemed to me that he only has two skillful legs and no one else has. If not - why can’t we let our young boys and girls learn more skills for games and sports from the very young age at school by providing right amenities and right resources. What if our government of the day can plan for better games and sports center or ‘Sports Academy’ for sport enthusiastic rather than forcing someone against their will, skills and ability which is not so germane at this point?    
In the history of Bhutanese Education system so far, ‘games and sports’ used to be the least count option although students in school are supposed to learn. But, to what level and who is counting their progress in the sporting field is - beyond question.  Whatever, we still find very less individuals or parents taking interest in supporting their child to take up sporting career and the main reason could be the market within and outside the country. Because we have very deep rooted culture of studying has only the future, and nothing more. But, is it possible for all of us to get into government jobs for every day swelling populations. But, for our CG7 the case wasn’t like ours. I am very sure that he might have rescued so many of our young boys and girls who also wishing to take-up sporting career very soon by setting a very firm example within our nation and - beyond. Perhaps, which is like any other job or business. But why we still have very less people opting for sports when there are pools of opportunity nationally or internationally?

As a parents, as a brother or sister and as a guardian, do we let our child decide for their career path? 

Amongst all, just few of the individuals are big on goal-setting action and that is how I have seen this boy setting football legacy even in our land too. I hope for sure he will going to have more financially successful journey than all of us if he can hold onto trying more and more on his career path than usual. Lately, his name started to appear everywhere; in newspaper, on the television, at the office or in the town. Because he is the first Bhutanese man to earn his living through Football Abilities and nothing more.

The moment you start to concentrate on what your heart says, then only you start to notice its rhythm and its qualities and that is exactly what has happened to our CG7. This is a man who is responsible for his own Football-destiny.  

The best is soon to come. You run your own race!


  1. Kudos sir,
    Rightly mentioned about Mr. CG7. He is a rising star and he scored a goal in his new club. (Pleasing moment for him and all bhutanese) As you have written, Bhutan need to accelerate in the field of Games and Sports. Wish we had the opportunity to open a new sports school/academy provided with hell lot of money... but upsos

  2. I always hope for the best to happen in our country but it never happen the way it should happen. I have seen things happening just the opposite, nothing seemed to change all over two terms in our democracy...anyway, thank you so much.


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