Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mr. New President!

45TH presidential-ship of America has came as a big surprise to the world but not to me. 
I have been internally supporting your mission and the party you lead. I have started to regard the honest administration, when you declare yourself from a business tycoon to throw onto be the elite political leaders was a great deal to assure you. 

And now I must say your greater political window for four years have started, without any division. More importantly, everyone might be in the hope that you would bring back all the political whim back by bridging your country to outside world to greater height. Remember world would see you, your country and Trump Administration as an example. I hope so you won't compromise the line you used to state always - "corruption free conservative laws in place for better America!" 

Over Mrs, Clinton I have seen you a better futuristic person to lead your fellow citizens forward. I hope you would restore more peace by setting more prodigious political wheel and sustainable economy conditions.

Although, I am beyond Trump Administration yet I had a great feelings that you would bring some forgotten hopes and dreams of your people back again by building better political ground. Not alone by building walls between Mexican border and to your country.  

Now it is time for you to put best and the right share of laws in your soil. It is in you to build the kinds of society you wanted in future. It is in you to put your country first as the most secured, rich, dynamic and politically rich country in the world.   

But, the good news is that Mr. Trump would unite all the people living in America. He says it's time to bind the wounds of division, he has promised to have great, great foreign relations, he will put US first but deal fairly with everyone, he will going to have great economic plan to double growth for all classes of people, he promised to serve his people fairly and rebuild the nation as one big family. He also promised that he will be president for all Americans. 

Mr. Trump family and his supporters would experience the big, honest, longest and the peaceful good-night sleep while Mrs. Clinton family, Obama family and her supporters who threw all the possible weights behind her would experience the shortest, the most terrible sleep for rest of the nights.

And here won't be any - 'Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga' singing for the final political game ending for Mrs. Clinton. 

When some panels or table analyst was busy arguing on "Unexpected Results", Mr. Trump has already won the race to white house? While I hope Mrs. Clinton won't have another Blood-Pressure drama.  

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