Monday, November 21, 2016

My Workplace Toilet!

If you think you need rules to use toilet then we need more straighten rules in place to visit marketplace here after. But for sure we don't have both even decimally in place. And remember our first option and the priority should be to have clean toilet for all of us, for all times.
My activities at my workplace on World toilet day: 19th, Nov.

I hope all of the colleagues would like to use this clean toilet. Let's make this a lifelong habits and not just for a day. I would like to request all my friends to use all the toilets smartly so that we don't want our Bhutanese giving example of other countries like Japan and Singapore for serving the cleanest toilet when we have everything at our reach. 
My workplace toilet: 19th, Nov 2016
I think and to my best level - 'Bhutan toilet organization' is doing their best to implement clean toilets and good toilet habits to all of us but unsure of how many of us are really taking care of this simple yet imperative aspects of life. And not only that they are also trying to instill the values of personal hygiene through lots of written postures and various social activities through social networking sites over again and again. This is the right time we must pick some of the good habits for better future else we will fail as a nation.

We only realize the price of toilet unless we are to attain some emergency natures call and during loose motion.  I hope our toilet habits would multiple for better with so much effort from our 'Bhutan Toilet Organization team' and from international agency in making TOILET as one of the most important wealth of every individual people around the world. I wish everyone a happy toilet habits and sojourn for better health hereafter.                                                                 

Just remember your toilet and my toilet is so-so but mine is far superior from everyone. Because when I make a visit to toilet I never forget to take water with me. While in toilet I also never forget to follow clean toilet habits which makes me so different. So, if you all possess worthy toilet habits, I shall request you all to continue and if you don't have one it's time to incur some good habits else it will going to cost you even more than your own life very soon.  


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