Sunday, November 6, 2016

XII Science - A

Class XII science A - 2016

Champion Class of  2016

My heart dance with joyfulness - 12 science A.

My dear students! Can you remember, when I said you all, we must stand "champion class" for the year 2016 in the beginning and finally we did it, right?

Initially, we have faced some obstacles and gangue because it’s not over-night dreams and hopes. First, we talked to unite as one, second we have set our goals and third we have started to work and now we have proven everyone that 'we can' anyway if we can work unfailingly.

All I could remember is we have toiled so hard, we have promised to work calmly and smartly keeping many good hopes alive, we have started from single point, we have gathered single nut and bolt, we have multiplied our hopes again and again when we go out of control in the name of this championship. And finally all of these have paid us unreasonable strength in life to work even harder. 

Today is the most appropriate day to reap back our hardship and cherish the bygone days with crowning champion class of the year. We have really worked hard, we have acted as one throughout, we have remained calm in all the activities, we have done all the assigned work impeccably with dedication and we have never let go any work unattended throughout the year. Nonetheless, we have also never overlooked to value our hard-work round 365 days and nothing more.

More importantly, all I could reminisce is we have fabricated our bond so strong that nothing can un-bond it for the generation.

'This victory goes to all of us.'

Remember, champion not always lies in the hand of the most powerful men but its lies in the hand of most precision men.

Perhaps, because of our unfailing dedication and effort have drag us to this point; place where we have stand today proudly and boldly. We could stand high above all and we could proudly stand before everyone with our head held high-up in the air because we did for what we have promised for so long – by crowning, "champion class/best class" for the whole year.

When we have cultivated a deep sense of faith in our own abilities and an indomitable spirit, nothing can stop us from succeeding in all our pursuits and living with great rewards.

I wanted to - "thank all my heroes and heroines for the most unforgettable hardship that you all have generated throughout the year, the assessment gang and the school management team for recognizing our privation step-by-step for the whole year."

Remember! You will just have to do the best you can!

Cheers for all of you dear students of Zhemgang Central School for giving us chance to stand in front of you all.

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