Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chamkhar Town on Fire – II

Source: bbs.bt/official page

Fire break out is always associated with getting a most foolish findings. That is why our irresponsible people are encouraged for not just burning the town but also the possibility of burning the whole country and the forest is always on rise. Investigating teams however, need to rethink on how to do it more appropriately and accurately to curb such issues. So, that we don’t lose our town unnecessarily. Otherwise, this things will never going to end.

Moreover, the findings from our investigating team has never surprised me. I knew it. The game was over. I have seen same findings every time on such incidences. What a joke? What more do we expect than this?

It happened so much that every fire breakdown is caused by LPG cylinder or electricity. How foolishly and rubbishy people have put on the blame? Anyway, the good news is that in this way our investigating team is saving our millions of money. But, I bet you this is completely an honest lie.

In fact, the survey report have found out that majority of fire disaster in our locality actually occurred due to sheer negligence and not LPG or electricity. But, here the findings has concluded other way. It occurs as if there are enormous benefits to people and country by burning our Forest and the buildings. 

How stupidly our people have fooled our investigating team? Or simply they have concluded because the culprit was their relatives or have some biological relations.  

The concern trade officials please verify all the LPG cylinder that goes to Bumthang whether they have some manufacturing defect or not and BPCL line man to check whether the right amount of current is following through or not. Otherwise, I have already seen a worse future following your way and Bhutan will going to sink soon in the depth of fools.

If LPG and electricity is to be blamed for such disaster then Thimphu and phuentsholing has to be always on flame. However, I am signing a petition with the God tonight in heaven about this disaster. Who could be that possible fire bomber?

Concern agencies please do something different to curb such incidences from happening in near future. Put in place some liable penalties in place. Otherwise, this will continue to happen.

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  1. Fully agreed to all the issues you have pointed sir.

    Yes, I also don't get surprised with the result of the investigation team whenever when there is the break down of fire.

    I know they would have only two reasons; either it is because of electricity line or either the LPG cylinder. I am not all surprised...


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