Sunday, January 29, 2017

Interesting Faces

The most interesting photographer pose from a young school

Name: Kencho Dorji

This was the most interesting laugh I got while upon asking 
her name. She said, 'she wanted to become human Doctor'.
She just had two front teeth with which she challenge
 her father in biting competition. 
Most interestingly she also won 'Rat Race' 
recently that took place in her home corridor. 
However, the competitors were her
father, mother and herself.

Name: Yahana Chang

The out-look of a most typical Hindu Man I had
into my lens. Amongst all, he was one
I got lavish chance to photograph his
looks and action.

Name: X-man 

In fact, I was lost if someone have seen me
taking this photograph. Although, it took away
some of my fertile time to shoot the play of
this two little kids on the roadside yet it was
never a waste of my energy and time.
It gave me the feelings of my olden days
I had my nostalgic feelings.

Name: X-girl

The interesting lesson I have learnt from the
 effect of social media is the total sum of this
little boy who was as busy as like anyone of us.
Looking at such advancement of times and
facilities, I always feel like to get re-birth
in present times. So, that I can also get
chance to use all such interesting and
futuristic items.

Name: Modern Boy

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