Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bird Photography

In the world of photography, the most difficult part is to catch images of live Bird in their natural habitats. Although, we say and see photography is a set of complete package of right amount of light but it’s not always right and sufficient.  There is no certainty about how one can get the satisfactory wildlife images. However, for a bird it’s all to do with their natural behavior and the way they behave with human. And obviously none of the birds are sociable with human beings. It can neither remain in a noisy out-fit of human merriment nor does it a league match to see again and again. By the time they sense your presence, it fly away to distant making it difficult to capture them.   

For a long time back I was thinking to shoot this little bird but it’s never easy. It’s not like somebody directing the position of someone and the best appear like in film, the human drama. Film is the product of many people - director, good photographer and artificial lighting but it’s not the case in wild life photography.  Otherwise, I would have hired many professional film director and light-man to help me get best bird images. So, that I would get the super high definition wildlife images.

The challenges lies in going into the wild and getting some wild life images is only be best known and felt by wildlife enthusiast themselves. Not anyone else.   

Actually, I was chasing this bird for many different occasions and none of the time I am successful. I never got it done the way I wanted it to appear. But this time I am eager at least to write something on the challenges and the better part of wildlife photography.

Bird photography is extremely challenging yet this bird never kept my energy freeze. Although, it has seized my time and energy yet not satisfying picture of it into my list. I am thoroughly in love for its beauty, the body architecture, the colorful feathers combination and the way its dance. It is completely camouflage because it is a stream or river residence. This bird has added my passion to wildlife photography every time I come across. It is immensely inspiring to capture such absolute beauty bringing to life tricky feather patterns and exquisite details into one whole armful images.

Over the year, I have acquired a modest collection of bird images and the skills that is required to shoot a birds in their natural habitats. I have travelled fairly good distance to photograph birds. The surprising beauty of our countryside and the winding mountain roads on every trips has always left me flabbergasted and joyfulness in my face. The journey, my sacrifice for time and family have never dejected me nor will it drain me of my passion for bird watching, wildlife photography and love for nature.

But I am not trying to say that one need to be well armed to shoot a bird images. The rule is completely simple, as far as I know one must have tons of passion, energy and a set of right equipment. Unless, one have deep passion and love for nature the art of going into the wild would be never charming, would be never satisfying. If one has all these in package, the feeling of joy is equally satisfying when a good and quality image is captured. 

Here the message is simple - safe wildlife to safe us, because we are not different!

Slaty-backed forktail

Slaty-backed forktail

This little soul showed me this action when I was busy shooting. 


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