Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rufous necked hornbill

It was a wonderful experience to shoot this high flying bird lately. I would tell you, everything into photography world won't come easy, it comes through different packets from absolute magical shots to most disappointing shots. Yet the world of photography never derives me negative sides of life. For me, it is always enterprising out-door to experience new things each day.

It has been over a month now I am back to my place but still the feel is fresh and promising in me. This particular click made me come back different in a better way. Many a times it’s not simply awesome to shoot a bird at this angle and the height. It needs lots of imperturbability, energy, skills and focus.

Because the way it appears on the branch, height it choose to settle and the land usually is not easily accessible to every common man, it habitually remains almost cut-off from the view of any person and the camera lens. This resulted in a unique climb for this particular birds at its own choice of branch and the height. The richness of its colorful body or highly textured body is yet another cherishable quality it possess. I found a very unique body architecture, food habits and choice for nesting place is yet another unique habits.

I have learned that spending time understanding and fortifying good parts of this bird species is very important and necessary before it vanishes from the world. There are good chance one day, it may appears like ‘Dinosaur’ to our younger generation. In this age of modernization and urbanization phases, trying all the possible ways to preserve this species of birds from its extinction is necessary.

I learned that life can be prodigious without urban amenities that we consider necessary but the life of this bird species is more important to continue. Development is what we want but nature and the quality life for all bird species and including ourselves is more important.

I would tell you, this bird species is not so people-friendly but it is beautiful to watch and see its dance in the cloud. The male appears to be bit brighter in color as compared to its female counterpart, giving its own survival in the nature. The young one can’t fly so easily high up in the sky like adults due to its body weight, any other flying bird could easily beat in their flying accords. I found this bird genuinely beautiful and rich in texture.

Finally, I would strongly recommend all people around to make a close watch at least once in a life time if not always. The bird will teach you many good and valuable lessons for sure. And my final request to all the concern people around to work and plan any developmental activities accordingly, without destroying much of nature and birds habitats. 

Rufous necked hornbill

Rufous necked hornbill in action.

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