Thursday, February 9, 2017

Special Gift!

source: kuenselonline
PLEDGES -- Zhemgang Central School
          We pledge to HRH the Gyalsey on his 1st Birth Anniversary that in the academic year 2017, 
          we  shall;
      1.   Read at least ten books during the academic year.
         2.   Always respect my teachers and parents.
         3.   Always abide by my school rules and regulations.
         4.   Always be kind and helpful to my schoolmates.
         5.   Always be friendly with my schoolmates.
         6.   Always do my work on time.
         7.   Work very hard to accomplish my goals.
         8.   Always come to school, prepared to learn.
         9.   Actively participate in school activities.
        10.   Always maintain a positive attitude towards everything.
                    11.    Always refrain from undesirable activities.  
                    12.  Work on improving my communication skills
                    13.   Work on improving my character.
                    14.   Always take good care of school properties.
           15.   Exercise zero tolerance against indiscipline that is harmful to self and others.

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