Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Most Lucky Phallus!

While people in Japan do enjoy the Penis Festival every year giving the genital organ the honour it deserves. Bhutan has the most amazing, decent and the attractive Phallus of different kinds. 

In Bhutanese context the Phallus paintings on the walls of the house, building, lhakhang and monastery symbolizes its miraculous workable values. Not only that, it is also believed that the painting alone can chases away all the evil spirit and the bad omens from the family.  

And the tenants of this building wasn't unlucky either. They are the luckiest of all the tenants living in some part of Thimphu. I hope they won't have any evil spirit surrounding their room. Since, they are well blessed and shielded with this handsome phallus parking board to welcome them. 

Perhaps, I wish I had one such lucky, strong, charming and the coolest chaps. So that I can demonize all the evil spirit like how Drukpa Kunley had once done it. Unlucky me and Lucky tenants! 

Can you imagine what size and color do Lam Drukpa Kunley had? Because he had subdued all the evil spirit of the beautiful women in the community.   

The most lucky Phallus

Atsara and his Gun, the Phallus. 

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