Thursday, May 25, 2017

Literary Carnival

"In great literature, I become a thousand different men but still remain myself."
                                                                                                                 –C .S. Lewis.

MC (master of ceremonies) –finally informed gathering about the start of long waited Literary Carnival to go live performances shortly. He quickly updated the mass on day's programs to make the day more exciting and lively.

I felt such festival shall shower every child an opportunity to shine, showcase their quiet talents through –speaking, singing, reading, playing instruments, characterization, dancing, dramatizing, play acting, mimicry, jokes and many more.

Looking at their live performances on stage, I felt all of the class have done their jobs with utmost sincerity and dedication. They all deserve hands down ovation for putting up their talents in the best creative ways. All of them have done a wonderful jobs. It was fanciful. It was perfectly presented.

Of all, "Lozay and Tsangmo." have completely robbed my time and energy. Indeed, the participants of this groups have surprised the audience in their flairs and versatility. All our child need is a right support and the platform to grow and showcase their endowments. 

It was such an uplifting two days, thanks to our school management, class teachers, literary in-charge and our loyal, creative and thoughtful students, for wrapping up the show with most delightful literary activities for the year. 

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