Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mathematically at 28

By calculation I have already lived my life for 10,220+ (28x365) days. Which means I have already used half of my life. What have I done? What am I supposed to do next? Where my destiny is taking me? But, at 28 - I became a Father of a She Baby. This is indeed the beginning of my Fatherhood Journey. 

From the time we have beget-ed a seed of life, you started to fill and remain in millions of thoughts and imaginations. The more time we spend with you, the closer we begin to feel you. We know what it is to be a parent, precisely a responsible parent. 

18th of March, 2017 - the day you were born as our little baby girl, the day that will always remain so special throughout. Although the curiosity were torn apart, however we have never ceased to dream for you. So, as you grow, we hope you would make us feel happy and proud with your work and personality. Perhaps, you have inhabit us the light of a parenthood.

Nevertheless, we wish you would grow up to an affectionate, loving, caring, responsible, understanding, well-adjustable and successful adults. 

                                     "When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced.
                                 Live your life in such a way that when you die, 
                                                 the world cries while you rejoice."

With change in time, we became mentally handicap and too ambitious for living a life with this and that jobs. Therefore, I also wanted you to be a great personality of my own choice without knowing your ability and luck. Remember, the road you are travelling is treacherous and unending.  

I wanted you to run after a Science College after you pass 10th grade and run after Engineering or Medical Colleges after you pass +2. 

I wish you to be a Singer and your mama said No! I wish you to be a Writer and your mama said No! I wish you to be an Artist and your mama said No! I wish you to be a human Doctor and your mama said No! What are all these? What values does it have? Why only these?

How foolishly I have tailored your future?

On one side, I stand firm to make you someone great which you may not be liking. On the other end, your mama wants you to be someone of her choice and liking. But, we don't know what fate has in store for you. All we wanted is - you to be kind and financially powerful!

I seek your absolution for making you mentally sick with many tangible options before you begin to figure out life, an unsure puppet of unhealthy minds. All I could realize is, my thoughts and plans are absolutely ridiculous.   

This world is a perfect place if you can take all with your positive energy. You can take your own strength to grow which brings you more joy. 
Every day before bed time, I always wish you be in a good health, more prosperous and a successful person. I throw all my weight and opportunity to grow old alongside with you.  

We look forward the best things to happen. We wish you would bring more peace and happiness in our family. 

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