Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Population and Housing Census of Bhutan - 30th, 31st May and 1st of June.

What can you say about this nationwide population counting? Within few days of time, I have seen Facebook page status being over flooded with PHCB status. Some updates says, ‘I am finally being counted or some still waiting for enumerators to come and count them, but for some it's –beyond tiring jobs.’ It must be for the officials or vice-versa. What does it mean? Does it mean we are too eager or least interested to take part in this national call after a decade?

According to press release from the office of Prime Minister, this particular event is an important national undertaking. All the public should support officials by providing them with the honest and accurate information. PM, had assured that the data collected would remain a top most secrete under lock and key. This must have winged all our general public a gust of relief to be honest while answering. Therefore, I am sure the data collected would have been most accurate and direct.   

The good news was the information collected would be used for devising of policies and planning, development and monitoring for future. But, I am not sure how far this political mouth can be correctly implemented. Anyway, hoping for the best to happen.

Fortunately, I got my own share of questions to answer to a government official on the second day of PHCB. As far as I am concern and the son of Pelden Drukpa, I maintained honest and straight answers. And the lucky part was that, I don't needed to introduce myself with that data collector since she was once my high school mate. Moreover, she was my class mate. Currently, she works in Health sector and I work in education section. How many would have got such an opportunity to interview between classmates? In earlier post I have written I am lucky this year – I became Father, mathematically at 28. Second, I got break to interact with my own high school mate after nine years of departure.

This nationwide population census recording is one last chance and measures to provide statically correct population records. It can speaks volumes of country's status. This should work as a base for any development activities that has to take place in local level to national level. It must act as a bridge to government to identify the needs and requirements around the country. If our elected leaders fails to come up with effective development plans in their respective constituency, it would result in a huge loss incur in finance and loss of faith.

With much faith and trust, I have provided the most appropriate, accurate and honest information to enumerator. I have wholeheartedly thrown a cup of tea as a gesture of kindness. Since, she had flatly rejected my alcohol offer. We look forward the promised political inductee to come on our way soon.

I have done my part with the most honest answers. Did you?

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