Tuesday, June 27, 2017

REC towards digitized textbook for students

Yesterday I was alerted by BBS news on, "REC working towards digitized textbook for students," which have put me into thousand different mixed feelings and have unpleasantly hijacked my level of testosterone out of order.

I am also the product of Bhutanese Education System. I had the opportunity to have free schooling. I had a rigorous up and down hill walk with almost 3–5 kilograms of books on my backpack. I don't blame for it. Many a times the normal weight on my back sum up when I needed to carry some sport gears, etc. And during summer season the weight on my backpack escalate up with Polythene Plastic. 

What few research findings on cause back and posture problems by carrying school books have become a serious concern for Ministry of Education? What about education system in the west? Do they have all the luxury to attend school without education gears? I feel carrying few necessary learning gears at their back won't be a much problem. What about farmers or unprivileged child, who works round the clock lifting and transporting heavy objects, etc.?

What about some Indian coolie who work more than eighteen hours straight of hard labor in Phuentsholing bus terminal? According to the research statement their back should look like football and they have to die through acute back pain. Does it sound scary? Who is responsible for them? 
Who cares for them?
REC (Royal Education Council) concern over our Youth is absolutely hat off initiative they are heading towards materializing textbook less curriculum. Do we have all the possible facilities, potential manpower, expert on IT and the subject matters to come up to such software package. I am in good faith that it won't turn up to horrendous facts for Bhutan. I hope this initiative won't turn up into World War III. Next I don't want to see our school going children claiming that they can't carry phone and tablet on their back.  
I hope REC is not indirectly promoting such bag.

                   ...to be continued...


  1. Waiting... for the 'Continued...' to continue soon!

  2. Good luck.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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