Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Setting the National Goal

The training on English for effective communication is far too short but the impact will live on for thousands of teaching fraternity. This five day training has stirred thoroughly on teacher’s spoken competency level. With the spread of English for various reasons at home and abroad, the training have also emphasized on the advantage of being a good communicator as a teacher in school and –beyond.     

Although, English is neither our Mother Tongue nor our official language. But, English being the main medium of instruction in our schools, ministry felt that conducting such PD program for teachers would immensely benefit in making of competent teachers and better education system in the country.  

With the spread of English for political medium, to access information and entertainment and to function actively in the world no more holds the ownership of Great Britain alone. Thus, learning to communicate effectively has become necessary not only in our country, but also to rest of the world. And to a surprise China is pushing forward for learning and communicating in English language. 

Today, English being so invincible it is obvious that even in our context, knowingly or unknowingly it is seen that the usage of English is becoming unofficially official language in all offices.

So, when English has taken such rapid growth every part of the globe, back in our school setting, it is very sure that, English is being practiced and used excessively in our curriculum, organizing school activities and to adjust in the school system needs good English proficiency. In the modern world, it is seen that someone's personality can be easily judged and made with good spoken English and not any other proficiency.  

Although, we have learned English from the very first day of our schooling till the end of university. However, we lack being very effective in this four bands –reading, writing, listening and speaking. This training has mainly conducted to enhance skills on building effective communication skills, barriers of communication, non-verbal communication, public speaking maladies and hitches.

It is hope that all such gap can be filled at the earliest provided that individual teacher have taken this summer PD program positively. I have learnt how to manage and overcome stage fright. From this training, I have realized that the importance of teacher's spoken English language is all to put better food on the table at the end of the day.

The other reasons could be to inspire and motivate our fellow teachers of their importance and the value they carry in the society.   

However, at the same time we have seen lot of mayhem being levitated through social media throughout nation. Some of the mentioned hue and cry was about the unreliable weather, the road conditions and wrong timing. Many felt it was planned and conducted during winter break. But, finally without any hitches the training was over and everyone seemed to be happy and satisfied.

We look forward for continued support from our ministry for all times.

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