Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lesson for Bhutan from Doklam issue.

Finally tension at Doklam was over after two countries have unwillingly agreed to withdraw their troops from the disputed area. But, for number of reasons the boundary issue between Bhutan and China have remained unsolved. Now it is time for two countries to sit down together and solve the matter at the earliest. Otherwise, next attack would add another flabbergast to dragon people and Indian counterpart defensing on Bhutanese side would further worsen India-China relation.  

According to China, road construction over the place in Doklam area is part of their efforts to boost infrastructure and not aimed at any other nation. But, India was afraid that the completion of the road head would give them military power in the area and at the same time Bhutan would face the dominance. Thus, immediately India have taken the case in their hand to keep Chinese troops at bay by sending their military power to defense the border. But, it was sad to learn that New Delhi have claimed that they have fought for Bhutan. Bhutan's security is India's morale responsibility. We feel Doklam fuss is actually between Bhutan and China and not between India and China.

In China's logic, development can underpin each other from unnecessary threats in future. However, India felt insecure with Beijing intention and they have immediately sent their troops to defense the disputed area. 

After a multiple attempts of boundary talks, Chinese government have surprised Bhutan with never heard Doklam to be the disputed land of Bhutan with China. This is an unlearned lesson for us but not necessarily a new thing for Bhutan. Now, we came to know that we have some disputed land piece with China in the North. 

When the world is busy hunting for artificial intelligence revolution, China pressing on boundary issue, Bhutan need to prepare for safe and secure economic progress and need to tighten defense in their boundary. With change in time, Bhutan also need to prepare for possible threats such as anti-national terrorism, oppression and food and water security. Now over the years China and India are testing Bhutanese government's ability on self–reliance and military capabilities. We must learn that indirectly using Doklam crisis, India and China are testing their military competence but Bhutan is at the losing end and our sovereignty is at stake. 

Over two months now, undeniably the Doklam stand-off boomed a serious strategic skeptical between India and China. Nevertheless, beside this backdrop some upbeat have also happened which would pay a better understanding of China in India and Bhutan to look for alternative solution to settle the land knot. There is always a secret behind, why Bhutanese government remain as a buffer state in such cases is that we believe in honesty and by nature we are a decent people and not like Chinese and Indian nationals. We want to solve this land dispute with peace discussion and not by using military will and not involving New Delhi either. We believe that Doklam is an ancestral land piece of Bhutan. We don't want Indian involvement to settle this case. We pray China would understand our feelings and India would spare us to work alone for the greater cause.

But, no matter how bitter things get, we still are a close friend to India and we are no enemy to China either. I feel extremely noble for Indian government for having remembered and remained within the power of Indo-Bhutan treaty statement. We want India to be more humble and cooperative friend hereafter. However, India should know that boundary talk is a home matter of Bhutan. Such issue need no foreign assistance unless it has to end up in the Power of the Gun.

China should know that Bhutan have never asked for Chinese boundary fencing in the North. We are not the Mexican nationals and we don't have any terrorist!

Although, no amount of word can explain the damage caused between Indo-Bhutan relations but we are still very close friend of India without forgetting their help and assistance for centuries. 

Finally, this deadlock have given exactly what step should Bhutan take hereafter to solve this crisis with Beijing. I request Bhutan dignitaries to kindly invite the Chinese delegates for a cup of SUJA and request them to sign the deal to end the long standing boundary dispute. It is time to end this game.  

Although, during this battle I was busy lurking in the corners with my duties. However, as a concern citizen I have realized that this matter is very genuine one and any delay would be hairy. 

We should know that, what we do now will decide how successful we can become in future. Furthermore, this matter will surely decide our sovereignty and independence that we want to pass it down to our younger generations.

It is time we must know and understand that, what China and India are asking for. We are responsible for the right answer. We need to find ways and means to end this game. The truth and ancient history must be the basis for the game. If there are any depth examination on the case, Bhutan should never mind to hire a trustful expert and bring in all kinds of ideas to do this job but at the earliest. This is an inevitable and urgent task Bhutan need to advance first without any support from Indian government.

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