Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Alcohol Free Birthday Party

Yesterday, I was reminded by bbs television on 'Alcohol Free Birthday Party. They have hijacked my emotion and took away my happiness. And to many it may have seemed like a Hiroshima bombing. The program aired was so ambitious. However, I have some personal reservation and a doubt on how this can work. I could see some painstaking challenges ahead of us. If everyone like this new idea of birthday celebration, it would definitely benefit us. But, it would be difficult for those friends and families who can't live without it. I am not saying for my sake. I am honestly a sober guy. 

The one who came with the idea deserves my hands down salute for making such a catastrophic program. I am thoroughly confused how this age old customary tradition will end without the offering of alcohol for the guest. 

Drinking and offerings of alcohol in our culture deeply rooted in our age old tradition. We have a society that is best known by the offerings of alcohol in a most traditional ways. In fact, offerings of alcohol to any level of guest shows, how kind and generous are the host. In many celebration, alcohol offerings is necessary because our culture and tradition demands for it. Perhaps, actually such belief hooked us more deep into alcohol accessible society. 

According to World Health Organization report, Bhutan has the highest per-capita adult consumption of pure alcohol, 8.47 litres which is even higher than the average global consumption of 6.2 litres.  There are around 5,400 bars and about 700 of them are in the capital alone. Some study have revealed that one outlet per 98 Bhutanese aged 15 and above is easily available. For a small society the number is amazingly so high. 

                                                                  Alcohol Free Birthday Party -- part II

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  1. I see the concern you have raised. But, the drinks and birthday parties are complete mismatch for those parties are meant for kids, not for the adults to drink before their children and imply that drinking is cool or so.


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