Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lucky HAAPS!

Bhutanese people are known for their politeness, respectful behavior and different level of intelligence. Why is this nation so unique and different from the rest of the world? I have found the answer; it is because we have an extraordinarily cool Monarchs who protect and serve us like a family. 

As Bhutan prepares to celebrate its 110th National Day celebration, the people of Haa are the luckiest one. I say it, Haaps are the lucky, because for many good reasons.

1.     It is the first ever grand national day celebration held in Haa Dzongkhag with three Kings and the Royal Families.  

2.  Lhakhang Karpo was initially established in the 7th century by Tibetan King Songtsen Gempo in his mission to build 108 monasteries in one day. According to some local Historian, a black and white pigeon were released to select the sites to build a temples. The white pigeon landed on the foothills of the three towering mountains worshiped as Rigsum Gonpo and is where the Lhakhang Karpo stand today, beautiful and magnificent. The temple was named Karpo, which mean white as it was built on the same site where the white pigeon have landed. Now a seat of Ap Chundu, Haa's guardian deity. After thousands of years Lhakhang Karpo was fasten under the deep simmering light and different fabrics is indeed a proud moment for all the people across the country. It is the symbol of country's wealth and deity that separate us from rest of the world.

3.   It marks the end of old Lhakhang and the beginning of the new Lhakhang seated in the same place. The Lhakhang Karpo is finally being raised after eight long years from the hands some mean and bandit people. Perhaps, the story wasn't so good initially. Today it got extraordinary concretion from Three Kings, the Royal families, dignitaries and the people of Haa. Therefore, in many ways the concretion of the Lhakhang Karpo is the best and lucky among many Dzongs and Lhakhangs.  

4.  It is the opportunity for all the Haaps to show case their talent in varieties of ways. Time for them to reflect back upon their age old tradition and culture. It is a big opportunity to showcase Haap's Auesa, Lolay and Chundu's Gongzhey as listed. Along with the Tokha by His Majesty, the people of Haap and part of Paro valley is expected to celebrate Lomba which coincides with national day in Lhakhang Karpo and expected offerings would follow. Lomba is the New Year festival originally celebrated by the people of Haap, Paro and some part of Thimphu valley. Such coincidences of three big things is extremely rare and fine.

5.    It is also one of the big day and the big opportunity for the people of Haa valley to have Royal Audience during their Lomba Festival. And also it may be the very first time practically to meet and have Royal Audience with Gyelsay, the future king of Bhutan. 

Along with the people of Haa, I offer my sincere prayers and gratitude to our Handsomely and Cutely dressed Gyelsay for his long live. 

                                      Pelden Drukpa Gyaloo...for all Haaps and parops!

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