Thursday, April 19, 2018

Child Adoption Disagreement

Does it makes sense to you? Does it going to work? Does it going to help in reshaping the behaviors of someone’s child with someone’s adoption? Any findings made in our education system before its implementation were some disagreements.  

This came handy. The idea of ‘One child One teacher’ program was a personal initiative of His Excellency, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay. It came as an order for all the schools to look for the leeway to adopt a child each or more by the school teacher compulsorily. I was shocked. Child was shocked. Indeed, everyone was shocked. What is a Child Adoption? Whom to adopt? Why to adopt someone’s child? What are the basic rules to adopt a child? Do the acting parents need to produce legal certification from the court? In fact, the initial idea of child adoption had confused all of us thoroughly.

Honestly, it took long to convince people working in Ministry of Education –both teachers and students about this initiative. Not to forget the biological parents –especially some literate parents were more paralyzed? It wobble them. But the majority of uneducated parents were unaware of this change being into limelight. It made no difference for them.

I saw many grievances on this matter, some have verily liked the idea and many were against this brand new idea. This issue may have been erupted from the concern parents or might be from the teacher’s side. More intelligent and clever parents felt that their child might be taken away by the acting parent (teacher) after their schooling or once they get into job. This isn’t fair this way. On the other hand, teachers who need to act as a parent felt that this program would further bring them unnecessary workload, burden and so on…

We saw our parents worried so much at the same time it worried teachers back in the school too with this and that misconception.

But let me tell you the actual purpose of child adoption initiative by ministry in the year 2015. We believe in providing quality education and branding our students to be innovative, enterprising and trustworthy citizens. Ministry also feel that it is time to make a combined efforts to ensure that every child in the school is safe. Under this initiative each teacher takes up the parenthood of one or more students and support them in academic improvement and some behavioral changes. This initiative basically is to supplement some special students in terms of their performance in studies, behaviors and care they need like every one of us. But the adopted parent (teacher) must also need to behave professionally is the specialty I have found with the initiative. Since, every one of us share the same goal and the same ambition at the end of the day.

From 2015 on, I have been acting as an adopted Father to so many students. I finally could establish something from this initiative. 

I feel good to be the part of this program now. I fell lucky to have so many students who can refer me as 'My Adopted Father' even though I couldn't be admirable and worthy. In the year 2015, I have adopted one student as my adopted child (Sonam Tshomo from class XII science). In the following year school came with the brand new idea of pastoral care concept and every staff adopted at least around 14 to 15 students, meaning school staff (both teaching and support staff) have adopted all the students. No one was left without someone’s care basically to create a better and lively learning environment for people working in the campus and –beyond, to nurture and educate well. In the year 2017, I took the charge of 16 students of different classes and guided them in academic enhancement and helped some in coping up with emotion. I love to work with such pupils. I found each child is amazing and unique.

Wangchen Dorji and I

But for this year again we have reversed our child adoption policy back to one. We came back with this idea basically to focus on one child's development by provide quality time, morale and emotional support as well. For which I have adopted Mr. Wangchen Dorji of class XIE.

I and Wangchen Dorji has a twist of fate. I taught him in class IX. But due to some urgent reasons he left Zhemgang CS and joined Yebilaptsha MSS and completed his class X. He luckily qualified and he is back again to Zhemgang CS. I am happy for him. When he was in class IX, I have scolded him, I even have knocked him several times for not doing his work and punished for not obeying me. But sadly I didn’t seek to understand his problem. 

But what I have found new in him was, he wasn’t that same Wangchen of 2015/16. He have changed drastically. He became handsome and more mature, he started to know he was special in many ways and not to forget he also became equally good in his academic performance. I started to fell he is a very special and talented boy from his class. He is always a hero for his father and to me as well now. But so sorry to mention that he is being raised solely by his Father. (I will cover his other side of story in my next post after his approval)

As much as his father is concern, now I hope to help him excel in his behaviors, passion for games and sports and academic performance as well. I hope and pray he can become a role model not only for his father but also to whole school. I don’t want him to quit from his academic life.

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  1. This topic is interesting and gave me an eye opener about the adoption of students in Bhutan. It has many advantages definitely to help the child to excel in academics and other performances to shape his future.
    My wife is a Computational Thinking consultant to the Ministry of Education in my country. She currently faces a lot of pressure from all directions to bring changes to the educational syllabus here. God willing, it has to be done and achieve the level of education just like in all Europe and USA. If you are curious about Computational Thinking, just let me know and I will share some insights with you. Have a good weekend.


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