Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Take-home message from Chhokhor_Tang (Bumthang) general election public debate

As Bhutan gears up for the third general round of elections, we can see so many political glitches. There are numerous attacks for both the candidates and the party by other party representatives and fellow Bhutanese citizens. But, the more severe was between the two different party candidates when they are on live tv program. 

Like any other constituencies, Chhokhor_Tang general election public debate between former Journalist Dawa and DPT incumbent Pema Gyamtsho has surprised me more. Although, they come from same blood, but I never thought they would be this polite to each other because they represent two different political parties. Like in Bumthang, other Dzongkhags also has similar family members taking part in election from different party but never was like DNT Dawa and DPT Pema Gyamtsho. Both are fighting to win the political race with their own party motto and pledges. To me the debate between them was very lively. At any point of the debate, I did not feel like the debate between two different party candidates. Instead of being very rude and talking more for self, they were perhaps supporting each other more. The debate was very professional, educative, goal oriented, clear and matured. Overall it was meaningful and straight. No personal attack. The fight was absolutely clean. Both seemed clever. I salute them. Some highly qualified and experienced candidates who lack professionalism and maturity in democratic process need to learn from them. 

The best part of the live program was one never put the other down to lure the live vote stating so many ambiguous party pledges. Both the candidates were substantially superior and eloquent. We want such quality leaders.  

People of their constituency should feel proud of them. They have represented all of them to next level of humanity. Both have quality and they can work perfectly under the feet of His Majesty and the people. If people elect DNT Dawa, he has the quality to become cabinet minister and DPT Pema Gyamtsho can still lead his team with his 10 years of experience and can become the next Prime Minister of Bhutan.

The final choice must come from the people and not them. Let public decide their fate in free and fair manner. I feel public debate must be something like this, sublime and vibrant.


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