Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye Farewell

Meeting and departing is a part of normal happening to everyone. And no exception for the Zhemgang HSS family to bid a goodbye farewell to our two outgoing staffs. I believe life has endless happenings still to come but for us this particular moment will never come back again. We cannot bring back this togetherness with them. In fact, it’s a last time we get to share our feelings and shakes our hands with few words of safe journey to their destination. 

The time has reached us to start the goodbye session.  It was quarter pass seven when we have gathered for the goodbye farewell. I could witness everyone’s presence in the hall was bit uneasy as this farewell ends our togetherness with them. Moreover, their departure was still no so clear for many.

No sooner did we settle for the final time, our vice-principal has opened the gathering in a confused tone and that made me feel he too was not so happy for the farewell. Nevertheless, he briefly highlighted on our gathering followed by thank giving note in a perfect tones. He has summarized all their hard works, the sacrifices they did for the school, the time they spent for their standing, the responsibilities they have taken with great enthusiasm and finally few safe notes on their journey. The crowed seemed to be extremely silent because everyone felt a great lost for the school. Their service and hard work was greatly being cherished since their work ethic was beyond comparison. Further, their contribution, helping hands and the selfless effort they gave can never be forgotten even in their absence. Although they are leaving us behind still we hope to continue with the same level of friendship deep inside our heart. 

Soon after the key notes from our vice principal, we spent our time interacting with them for a while. We promised to remember them for all times. Through our close interaction we came to know their reasons behind resigning and we have also passed a safe journey messages. So before we say a final goodbye to our two outgoing staffs the school have arranged a simple dinner. We hope our dinner have not disappointed them. 

I know, goodbye farewell will separate everybody to their own destination. With all of these hopes deep inside I have once again expressed my melancholy feelings. Unlike other goodbye farewell this particular is different in many ways.  

Finally, my good wishes and prayers will be there for them. I would love to meet them in future was my last promised I made with them. Nonetheless, goodnight was the last message I have for them.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thank you! Bhutan

Bhutan is a country like no other country in the world. It gave me life, free education and health facilities and raised me like anybody. I find this land one of the most enterprising and ardent in Asia - and beyond in many respects; culture to geography. 

There are approximately seven hundred thousand people living and the country is perfectly governed by a meek principle called, Gross National Happiness.

I truly considered myself as the delighted son of the 'Land of Thunder Dragon'. I was born to a decent family and my entire education was born unremittingly by Royal Government of Bhutan. What I am today is all because of my Motherland? I always think myself blessed in so many ways; civil war, corruption and nuclear activity are never our priority.

Indeed, Bhutan has given me every necessities of life where no other land can offer me that way. Nothing can substitute what I was gifted. For me, this country is more precious than the most lavish Gems on the planet. 

Although, world considers Bhutan as one of the poorest nations yet it never fail to support everyone with free education and medical facilities and that is the most amazing things we have here. I am unsure, how many rich and advanced country can do free services for its people like here in Bhutan.

What I am today is all made by my country; a great son to my parents and a responsible individual at home to society.  Today I can proudly say that I have a decent job, rented house that provides me a shelter, some savings in my bank account and a decent mobile phone that can connect me to anyone as I wish is all the gift from this land. In fact, Bhutan has outstretched me more than my own family. 

This soil has given me things I will never going to achieve entirely in a short span of time through free education and health facilities; the basic needs of everyone. Although, in the process of seeking for free education and healthier life I had some bitter experiences yet this land has never failed to support me. 

For all the heavenly deeds my love for this land will never going to end. I will always remain loyal and humble to my country in times to come – and beyond. I owe my hats off respect and good wishes. I wish peace, tranquility and happiness to shower as always in the land of Thunder Dragon. Thank you, Bhutan for everything you have done to me.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Captain hilarious

The time wouldn’t be lonely anymore as my captain was already in front of his mates retailing his funny poster and speeches.  Mr. Kinley Wangdi’s unique personality is highly treasured, that earns him much closest attention amongst all. By watching at his nature he is completely a matchless piece now and beyond. He is one of the great beings and I would like to thank him for all funny news he has delivered so far. His modest life has become the best example relentlessly to his class mates. Sometime I think life might become simply a big gamble without his presence. His funny times can never be forgotten since he has done things in a great fashion. His classroom announcements are plentiful to ascertain his humorous nature. Many times I cannot envisage his life. I was humbly moved by his thought every time I see him muttering funny. I am so inquisitive about his birth time. I am very sure even the wisest astrologer may not convey us about his distinct nature. I believe, to born as funny person is not just artless. And one need to plead millions before time commence otherwise its impossible. 

I heard our legendary comedian Mr. Phurba Thinley was born unique unlike normal human birth. Similarly, I guess no exception about my captain. His nature makes me believe he is similar to Mr. Bean.  And I guess he might best substitute one of the amusing people in upcoming times. In fact I was lucky to have him as my captain, precisely ‘captain hilarious’.
Now simply to move away from this tiny motivating class is becoming harder day by day. All his humorous acting is making me so pitiful on my departure to south. I have foreseen all the beautiful things in my captain hilarious and even to rest. Hope nothing should transform him in future. We have expected him to harbour us safe and sound till the end of time. His worth of life is beyond comparison. All his mates want him to make timely announcements since they get to see him selling all his funny figures. By the funny disposition his mates can pass him all the comments. Further only time can tell us his whole story more beautifully. 
I am thinking door wouldn’t shut it by the end of my stiff day’s lesson. As a class we have shared many valuable experiences that cannot be undone and deleted further. The fun times along with my teaching are the best times to remember the year till everyone’s becomes too old to walk on to demise bed. As far as I am concern my teaching, accounts, examples, great times and my captain’s funny nature should not harm anyone in the class. My 34 students of different nature in the class are the best inspiration and makes my day break a long memorable. We enjoy as a class with all 34 different funny faces and postures. But amidst all, my captain possesses completely a different story.  
I am an architect of their superior future. I teach them values and my captain teaches us to pose funny postures.
We work together as one is our motto. For all of these decent and respectable reasons I owe them with much care and love always. My captain owes them comical speeches in between that make them awake throughout my chemistry period. 

By this time my captain a master mind stood firmly listening to the opinion of his friends speechlessly.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

An onions truth.

The chemistry lesson to my science students.   
                           Why onions make us cry?

Who has never sobbed while cutting an onion? While apart from those who have never cut one and beyond.  This is a little clarification...Chemistry DID

Inside the onion cells there are some chemical compounds that contain sulfur. When you cut an onion its cells are broken and those chemical compounds then endure a reaction that transmutes them into a more volatile sulfured product, which are released into the air.

These sulfured compounds react with the moisture in our eyes forming sulfuric acid, thus, producing a burning sensation. The nerves endings in our eyes are very delicate and they pick up on this irritation.  The brain reacts by telling our tear ducts to produce more water, to dilute the irritating acid. Therefore, one cries to keep eyes protected from the acid. 

There are several tricks to make onion-dicing less problematic:

-          Chop the onion under cold water. The volatile sulfured compounds will be released but then they react with the water, instead of reaching one’s eyes.
-          Can freeze the onion for 10 minutes before cutting it. The cold temperature of the onion will slow down the chemical reaction. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank You WeChat Service

Before time runs out, I craved to pen down few secrets of my WeChat friend. We became known to each other through this service. My personal feelings on the service cannot be measured exactly. So, what I believed is all due to this new technological advancement that connects different people. On the other hand I’d say this service as the true partner in space.

I am sure that over this service countless unknown might’ve already shared innumerable ‘hello’ without even knowing each other. And no exception for me, my conversation normally starts through greetings of ‘hello’. Just imagine who’d not like to answer the softness of this word. In fact, it is into everyone’s nerve since teachers in school have taught us its meaning and the beauty it brings.

I am overwhelmed when I see my mobile being activated with internet service.  Many times I usually hang out through the net searching for friend to chat. After many online searching, finally she became good friend of mine. One who can best respond me through great distance? Initially we’ve started as unknown friends by ‘hello’ greetings. Still I fell our beginning time was so beautiful, unforgettable and periods of a great stranger.

So after passing many, many ‘hellos’ we became so close to each other and thereafter we progressed so much into each other’s history far and wide. To me she became really close in my lost world. She responds me all wisely and that is the best quality she owns. I call her a finest friend of mine all time. Soon after that she became my best WeChat friend and hope no time will separate us apart.

Just to chat with her I used to drop aside all my timely works. Before I thought time will only best answer my boredom but now a days my WeChat friend has known the fact of my loneliness. I must say there after I’ve gained a great momentum to chat online with my un-known friend still hidden.  

We enjoyed being online all the times sharing our likes, wants, hobbies, thoughts and beautiful life. By now we’ve already shared and passed countless messages that can’t be deleted. 

Finally, I’ve realized worth having a friends of all fragment in life is more important than not having any friend. Friends are the one who can best answer when you’re in search of happiness and in wants. Our world would become empty without any friends and technology in great dimension. If one thinks life is endless journey and all about hardships then start to communicate with technology and it will answer the call more wisely and excitingly with much solitude.

Before all my thinking ends I’d like to thank my WeChat friend in brief for letting her time, energy, powerful online service and her nimble fingers for typing as quickly as possible. Even I’d like to acknowledge WeChat service creator in particular for the service that helps find any kinds of friends or information.

Finally I knew my WeChat friend named as ‘SONAM WANGMO’ in millions. All by her name and responds I fantasist her to be so cute, beautiful and charming all times. Thank you my friends for the costly time you’ve dear to spend with me un-knowingly and for the costlier answered you’ve given me far flung in itself. My friend hope you will never forget to my ‘hello’ ever…

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eureka s14

Functioning prototype 


Eureka s14 works on with the mathematical relation tanѲ. This is very effective in measuring the height of any erect object (i.e. buildings, flag poles, trees, human beings). Within the very short duration of time one can easily measure the height of any erect object following the required procedures. Even in the teaching of the trigonometrical relations it helps students to understand theoretical concepts better through its demonstration.

In nutshell, this eureka s14 is simple, portable, durable and effective throughout its endeavor.

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