Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Beauty That Fade

Fairly a long time before, there lived a beautiful lady who is in search of happiness. - 'truly a great happiness'. 

One day, on her way to city – she found a beautiful bird. She was adored with two wings and the colorful feathers. Perhaps, she was made to fly high-up in the sky, bringing every joy on the Earth.

But, as soon as the lady saw the beautiful flying bird, she was impressed and fell in love so deeply. She patiently watched her flight and great drives high-up in the sky. Indeed, she was totally lost for a moment with her flight. She invited this little creature to fly with her and the two journeyed across the sky in great accord. She admired the great instant with her for a few moments – high up in the sky.

However, she was little tensed that – she might fly-off, far away leaving her all alone. She was afraid, that she would never get her back again. Yet, she envy for the birds ability to fly up in the sky enjoying all the happiness the world possesses.

So, she thought deep inside herself to set a trap and get back the same bird. Since, next time when bird appears, she won’t ever leave her again.

The bird, which was also in love returned after few days to the same spot with the hope to get the same flight. But, unfortunately she felt into the trap and was put inside the cage, - never to be return back and enjoy his fly.

Now, she was happy – extremely happy to get back the attractive bird. She looked at the bird every moment. She felt so happy to be with her all times. She used to feed her with the utmost self. There she was, the object of her longing and she used to take her to different places and showed her to everyone she meet.  Thereafter, she entirely used to pass her time with her.

However, days passed far away and the weird transformation began to take place with the bird. She started to look ugly day after day. Now, she doesn't want her back anymore. She thought to free him. But, he cannot fly off and started to lose interest. She doesn't want to care and pursue her like before.

The bird unable to walk and express her feelings was left untouched thereafter. She became uglier and weaker then. The lady no longer promotes and paid her attention, except for little feedings and cleaning the cage.

Soon after that, the bird died. The lady felt terribly sorry and in fact she was unhappy. She started to think about her and the life that is born for.

She could vividly reminisce the first day she’d seen her, flying serenely across the sky and the mountains.

That day, if she had looked upon genuinely into herself, she would've realized that what’d thrilled her about the bird was her complete freedom, the moment of her wings and the physical appearances.

Perhaps, without the presence of the bird, her life too had lost all its sense and death soon knocks onto her beautiful life too.

“If you’d allowed her to come and go, you would've loved and admired her even more”. ‘The unclear soul replied’.

She died without realizing and enjoying her beautiful life like the caged bird. She even didn't get time to think upon, what is life meant for? How to cherish the beauty of freedom? –“The Beauty That Fade”, the object of impermanence is so called - ‘life’. 


  1. Nice and meaningful story Sancha! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

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  3. Always glad to read your wonderful and meaningful stories. Keep sharing sir.

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  5. this is a story with a message for everyone. Nice story.

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