Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boldness In Their Heart

'Origin of everything, everything begins where, in the mind of humanizing'.

Honestly, I don’t have any suitable ‘adjective or words’ to define their – "Boldness or Courage". Since, at this juncture of ‘Nano-World’, who would dear to come to this extreme. - ‘into public notice’.  When the world is already - selfish, bother-less and helpless.

At this situation, if a person uncovers their identity in media or in public, one might end with ‘unkind remarks’, rather than appreciating, supporting and providing opportunity.

In fact, their decision was very hard. Still, their courage would help millions of us, - those who are living with the virus and those secretly hiding from the ‘social stigmatization’. Thumbs-up - to three bold-hearted friends for the kindness and concern. 

When they came in front of all, it gave me lifelong messages to be fair. With their decision we're made aware of the reality and the facts revealing in human mind. It’s very closely - we know every existence is the very product of ‘sex’. Yet, we feel and fear sex as a criminal work.

Although, I am not an expert on the subject, but, still I am sure that certain percentage of 'HIV virus' transfusion is be from external sources like – sharing of infected needles and direct blood contact, mother to child and oral sex. So, knowing all these truths – why is still some unique stigmatization prevailing in the heart of many  people? And reality is what ‘sex’ cannot be forgotten, avoided, cut-off and sell.

When our three friends showed-up or came-up to reveal their identity on – 'HIV status', it’s nothing surprising and alien. Of course, it’s personal but, it’s always wise to confess the truth before it becomes a matter of discussion.

Coinciding with “World AIDS Day” - on 1st December, when three of our friends came for a public talk, revealing their status. So, I felt proud of their decision and it’s a sign of family concern they've for Bhutan. Just think, if they do not bother about us, they wouldn’t have showed-up and said their identity leading to more number of infected person sharing 'HIV virus'.
Well, for sure, deeper inside their heart they might be having self-concern, self-image, self-personality, the secret pain and the family protocols, yet for the greater benefits they came-up and greeted a lesson, - 'indeed, the great lesson'.  And by their concern hope all our people would turn-up for the check-up before it’s too late to start. Similarly, my message to all our friends is - "don't try to play the safe game by escaping the reality".    

                  "We only realize and feel the real pain, when we've to face the reality"

Nevertheless, on behalf of all - "friends, family, children and concern agencies", I would like to express my awaited greeting and gratitude for their kindness.  Perhaps, we all would definitely pray for their good health and better life ahead. Thus, "We can't escape the reality and it’s not too far.  


  1. It's an act of bravery. I salute the trio.

  2. Regrets, and brave. We must be very careful and educate people at times. Nice post sancha sir.

  3. thanks n need to be more watchful...

  4. Their bravery action will ultimately benefit our fellow citizens. So let me also join you saluting them.

  5. Thanks for the concern and joining with me to salute their boldness....thanks


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