Monday, December 8, 2014

Goodbye Beloved Teachers

When life has thousands reasons to walk and live, I've thousands different ways to spend my coming holidays. So, does you all my ‘teacher-colleagues’

I've been working so hard for nearly, 280 days round the clock in, educating different lives with different wants, likes and ages.

Honestly, I've been so busy and fully occupied for countless hours of teachings, correcting exam papers, assessing note books etc… – and that is called the life of a ‘every tangible teachers’.

As a teacher/educator, almost every time - life goes beyond teaching and correcting exam papers. As, we need to engage our students into various fields of learning – going for extra classes, attending club activities, prayers, co-curricular activities, literary activities, cultural programs and so on…and this is the life of each teacher behind the screen. Yet, we get lots of blame starting from the people of highest rank to the lowest.

In Bhutan, now a day in the name of suicide case, education deteriorating day by day, gang fights and rapid unemployment - teachers, schools and school managements are blame so much by – people, parents, bureaucrats and policy makers. Is suicide case happening all because of schools and fellow teachers or it’s because of the individual’s choice of life or parents or policy makers? What does these all mean? As a teacher, I can feel the pinch when blame comes without worth. Honestly, I’m not sure - on what ground every arguments ends up in blaming education and schools.

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I guess the ‘rules and regulations’ following in the school, is all being framed by our leaders and what is all wrong at this point? So, when a thing goes wrong the fault comes to teachers and schools without knowing the ground reality. What’s makes our nations to go against schools and teachers, when every learning sprouts from it? And what makes everyone good reasons to bark at teachers and schools?

Hence, truly this vacation for all teachers and schools is to relax for hard happenings. I think it’s the time for our teachers to gets ‘out of syllabus and hardship while in school’. It’s a time to re-generate lost energy for countless activities for priceless pay. So, for the year - I’m done with all the possible works and deeds. Perhaps, it might be same with rest of the teachers too.

Dear friends - "it’s a time to get out-off hectic life, to forget all those nonsense talks and ruminate passed happenings". And this break would definitely offer our teachers to become more fresh and energetic in coming session. To every point, honestly teachers deserve a break for many priceless activities of school. 


  1. Sancha Sir, teachers are the puppet in the hands of bureaucrats if not a toys. Why to point fingers at teachers when we are failing collectively. In fact it is the total responsibility of every Bhutanese to save the precious life our students.

  2. Interesting one, what it means to be teacher from a teacher's perspective.

  3. Perhaps, the point is all clear...thanks

  4. ...aptly we will become out-man...thanks


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