Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lines From The Student

I would say the best part of teacher is well known in the book of our students. So, this is what the very examination made for some of the teachers in the school.  Thus, in general they know best things/part of each teachers- the good and the bad parts.

And this is only the richness teachers possess and agree on with.  Its nothing more than few lines to satisfy the self esteem, else its difficult to fulfill the life goings. 

Picture: Sancha Rai


  1. Thats what we look up to...thanks

  2. That is really a great compos sir. "We don't need to revise Chemistry one Sancha Sir has taught" said one of the ZHSS students. Keep same spirit sir.

  3. haha...thanks and hoping to do the same la ...happy vacation and am for paper correction la at cst...thanks

  4. Beautiful lines!...Happy vacation...!


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