Monday, December 15, 2014

National Day Celebration

First King Of Bhutan
It’s a rare occasion to celebrate with jubilation in each heart and soul. –because on this particular day - our first king Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk, ascended the throne, unifying the country under "Wangchuk Dynasty" to his best ability. In other way, it also gives us the logic of unique nation (Bhutanese), with our own unique identity - language, culture and traditions.

Over the period, our wise monarchs have headed the country into peace, prosperous and a sovereign nation. While, we live in a small country but, we've our own distinct uniqueness and own philosophy of life.

This particular day strengthen us to become one sole nation, the concept of one people and as one harmonious family.   This day also gives us the complete sense of pride and unprecedented happiness in each self.

National day is the day for all of us to envisage on how we've endured strong and united nation over the century.  
First King Of Bhutan
We would call all our monarchs 'a great hero’s' who'd led us completely into one successful and independent nation. Thus, this is the particular moment to feel great honored to our legendary Kings for all times.  

My wishes for all - "Happy National Day Celebration" to all our fellow Bhutanese and let us thank our great Kings for their continued hard work and support they've rendered till date.


  1. Sancha Sir I too would like to join in paying my deepest gratitude to our beloved monarchs of Bhutan.

  2. Happy National Day and Palden Drukpa Lha Gyalo!


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