Monday, December 15, 2014

Life and Alcohol

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Chemistry defines an alcohol as – "any organic compound in which the hydroxyl (OH) functional group is bound to a saturated carbon atom". and here it seems the term is complicated to understand but, it’s always important to know what really an ‘Alcohol’ is all about. 

Therefore, anyone who is observant around can see any activities even in bits. So, this time didn't let me go beyond the part of life I've grasped about. Of course, everyone has their own right/choice of living their life but I felt dismay when I see people drunk – I must state it’s the normal happenings of each day in the vicinity. Moreover, the closer views behind is more painful than to share it.

I’d like to say something to explain why I felt disappointed and for what?  

As somebody once told me, people drink in three special occasions – they drink when they feel happy, sad and normal. That means people drink round the days. And moreover, if mood is the main causes behind ‘drink and drunk’, I bet you - life going would be in question.

I didn't see any better phases of life with alcohol. Rather it has lots of conclusion within one self, family and society.  Here I’ll tell you, why?
Picture courtesy: Sancha Rai
If one drinks alcohol, he/she would die with sprit contain in the alcohol precisely. –because the sprit added to brand the alcohol has much harmful effects to the organ inside our body. Thus, if the individual organ runs out of conditions to function, how can it be possible for survival?

Similarly, if someone in the family comes home with drunken state every day, I'm sure the family as a whole would suffer in many prospects - the cost factors and the family disorder for sure would befall/surround.

The further reasons could be the long term lever damage, brain damage and even alcohol poisoning. Nevertheless, knowing all these severe effects, the unhappiness that comes in every home and society directly or indirectly yet we don't mind quitting it. So, what comes next is still carefree.  

So, just say NO to Alcohol would prevent life away from Hospital and Doctor.


  1. Sancha as you said alcohol is the root cause of domestic violence in any society. I have empirically tested by myself and hence am going to stop imbibing it. Great analysis sir.

  2. That's for what we should stand togthr...thnks

  3. I do agree with post. Alcohol is root cause of all evil deed from the religious point of view too. Nice one Sacha sir.


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