Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THANK YOU: H.E. Mrs. Tarja Kaarina Halonen


Of late, Bhutan was honored to receive the Former President of Finland, H.E. Mrs. Tarja Kaarina Halonen. She was on her five days official tours to Bhutan. On her arrival president expressed her personal happiness on Bhutan's progress in the field of education and for conserving impeccable environment. She also highlighted on the successful journey of Finland's education. 

On behalf of Bhutan - Lyonchhen congratulated and thanked Mrs. Halonen for Finland's remarkable success in the field of education. And also for being exemplary and guiding for Bhutanese children, bringing about positive reforms and prioritizing on providing quality learning.

But, sadly it’s not so happy ending for, "ministry of education" in a closer-look. Since, ministry is still facing greater challenges that needs further streamlining on – human resources, teaching-learning aids, infrastructures and proper plannings system.

Nevertheless, here my point is not to offend the progress of our education system. We know that compare to recent years, the progress in education system/sector has improved significantly.   

Moreover, these  day, teachers-students ratio has improved significantly from, - ‘1: 45 to 1: 24, developed teaching-learning materials, good infrastructures and so on...’. “It’s a huge change for Bhutan”.  But, still there're room to improve - if we want better education and quality learning for our children. And also to enhance teacher’s professionalism and commitment towards education.

If education needed to flourish well then, our teachers should be given the greater priority than other civil servants.  But, my point is not to mean rest of the sectors and ministry,. Perhaps, my point is to lift our teacher’s morale, education system and better future for Bhutan.

However, former President of Finland’s visits to Bhutan had set a clear boundary to boost  better in education sector. Because, she was of the view that - "education succeed only through the hand of good and committed teachers". And to make our teachers happy time to look upon the existing wage, benefits and relevant exchange programs. She also said that, in her country teachers and the education sector is given the first respectable privileges than any other sectors.  

I am very optimistic on the facts that Bhutan needs to think on - how to lift our “respectable teacher’s society”. Since, our teachers play a ‘greater and significant’ role in the life of every nation.

As, a Bhutanese - I found there are many things to learn from Mrs. Halonen, “the value of teachers and what education does for each individuals".

Thank you, Mrs, President – for making education sector worth-talking. And it is also the wake-up call for "Ministry of Education, Minister and Education sector heads” to look upon the existing  rules for teachers to  be called as 'Gross National Happiness' country in broader sense.
                              - "Education is, that pays us back..."


  1. yeah i think our education system need to reform to meet the new challenges. today we are faced with mounting unemployment. urban centres are bursting at their seams and rural villages are emptying, farm lands are going fallow, we are facing increasing food shortages and traditional community support are collapsing. our children are all enrolled in schools and groomed to leave villages. certainly we need to rethink. thanks.

  2. It's all true of this present facts...thanks for the additional ideas la...

  3. Lyonpo Thakur says if education sector fails no other sectors will succeed. But if education sector succeed, no other sectors will fail. You have rightly mentioned about that. Enjoyed reading.


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