Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Historic Change

Unlike other year, year 2015 is different in the history of Bhutan and it's no far exception for 'Zhemgang Higher Secondary School'.

Present 'Zhemgang Higher Secondary School' has a very different story of its origination and establishment. So, initially in the year 1958 the school was first established as a primary school with an initial strength of a little more than hundred students and with handful of teachers.

In 1974, the school was upgraded to lower secondary level and subsequently moved to present location and later in 1984 it was then upgraded to high school.

In 2001, the school was upgraded to a higher secondary school as a symbol of its tireless and committed towards quality growth and excellence in every performance. Until 2013, the school had functioned as only the higher secondary school in the Dzongkhag.

In the following year the school was recognized as one of the 'Autonomous School' and again in the succeeding year (2015) the school was reassigned as one of the 'Central School'. Thus, the new phase of school came after almost sixty years in the history and this is quite symbolic for the people of 'Zheng'.  

The concept of central school was not a new idea in Bhutan. Perhaps, this concept was there during 1970's – our forefather's time, when the Bhutanese education system was not so rooted in the Bhutanese soil, not so profound but somewhere in the mid it'd torn apart since owing to many, many reasons. However, it's certainly not the new phase for old minds but for present generations it'd undeniably count like 'A Big Jigsaw Puzzle'.

Beside inception of central school concept, the year is also celebrated and considered as most important year to mark and remember the sixtieth birth anniversary of our fourth Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, 'The Father of Modern Bhutan'.

There're series of planned, channeled and remarkable programme in the hand nationwide. Nevertheless, national reading year and seedling plantations are some of the outstanding events that are happening nation-wide. There're some still to come and many completed with packed history for our future generations.

The every programme this year would only meant and dedicated to K4. Since, after he enthroned as the fourth king of Bhutan he brought significantly major changes for entire nation. The big idea he coined for the people of Bhutan and for other nations is the concept of 'GNH', the big idea, perhaps more phenomenal than any. For which he is considered globally as the 'Champion of Earth'. His vision was irrefutably far richer, broader than millions heads could scan, 'like big people, big idea' is never wrong.

Similarly, central school concept back again is no exception to thank and remember K4 for all his contributions, dedication, commitment and hard work in shaping whole of education unit ever since he enthroned as King at the age of seventeen. He is the main pole/an idea behind this superior education system and high profile reforms in Bhutanese soil because he knew that 'education' wins over any material body, education being mother of every solutions.

With this launch of central school concept there came a historic change for 'Zhemgang Higher Secondary School' in being part of it or becoming one amongst many schools in the country.

The main ideas behind reviving old idea back again in education filed is to deepen the learning skills, materialized conducive learning environment, promote better education foundations, reform the mind-set of our youth, put the sense of belongings in each youth, scanning whole system with quality input, good values and attitudes. 

Thus, trying to instil best quality of learning in every youth today mean far enriching and wisest investments any country can do for future times.      


  1. Well written about the history of ZCS. Great read sir.

  2. Sounds like your school's in for some exciting times. All the best. :-)


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