Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Deadlock dated August 7, 2015 - brought yet another deadlock that is ramping in the country recently.  

I am unsure and confused on what to say and write in this but many thoughts rolled up as soon as I came across this headline- 'Teenager and grandmother murdered'. 

So, in this facade of worldly existence it is becoming so challenging to save our own life or lives.

Is it what the scoundrel looking forward for simply killing that 60-years old grandmother and 16-years old school boy or looking for the wealth that she possessed till that old age?

If the case is genuine to slit-off their throats in the possession of wealth then the miscreants must be punished and needed to screw with the best of country's law otherwise these kinds of division would top the list.

I am sure that the other side of this story would ends up with 'wealth takes own life or lives'. If those miscreants are not after the possession of wealth then there is no point going against those innocent lives or for what they are mulling after those guiltless lives?

The scenario in our country is worsening day by day and with this trend I am not sure to call for better future of Bhutan. Is it that twenty-first century is ruling every does and don'ts of the land or the people. Or is it that every mind is after wealth then there was no point of going against those two lives.  

If the case runs in this pace then country must be prepared to have individual guard for individual live but how? The country should have proper strategies on how to handle rude minds, rules in place and man’s at work.

If this is what Buddhist country for or looking into close views then the future of the country is gone. Then we do not need any other people to make unique story of this era…

With this new ramping case now it’s high time for every one of us to think wise and store any wealth into better and safer places before any big and hungry eyes sees or finds upon and takes away lives or life. Perhaps many, many so called alert messages were also present and contained in this headline. - 'Teenager and grandmother murdered'.

It’s never too late…

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